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  1. I am trying to use Javascript to call the value of a field (First_Name), Then trim this field down to the first letter of field value, Then write the result back to a hidden database field. If I can get this accomplished, I will then be able to use the field value within URL parameters to call specific records, whose First_Name field starts with the specified letter. I am using the following code, with no luck yet: function getfirst() { var firstletter = document.getElementById("InsertRecordFirst_Name").value; var fl = (firstletter.charAt(0)).value; document.getElementById
  2. You probably already found a solution to your problem. If not, you might consider time-stamping the registration and restricting access, based on the current date/time.
  3. Thank You very much. That works like a charm!
  4. I am using javascript to generate links within HTML blocks in my Caspio account. These links include name/value pairs, which are variables, determined by data within specific database records. I am having no problem generating the links, in the format that I need. My problem arises when one of the links is clicked by a client, where a specific name/value pair is not blank. Then, later the client clicks on another link where the value is blank. The client's browser has cached the previous value and continues to apply that value. I need a way to clear the previous query string, so the clie
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