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  1. And can i also delete one record?
  2. I want to create a page where i can delete one entry table. Is it possible? How can i implementing this feature?
  3. Sorry, but i have inserted the script but it not works. I explain the situation: - one field of form is called state - so i insert in the form header this code: <script type="text/javascript"> vat state=document.getElementById("state"); if (state != "aperto") then alert("State can be only aperto."); Where is the mistake?
  4. How can i edit one entry of a table?
  5. i want add in a form validation control, but i don't know where i can add Javascript and how i can identify the form fields. is there help for me?
  6. For example, if i have order and customer and between customers-orders relationships i want only 5 orderes for one customer, can i insert validation controls in a form? for example, if the order that i'm adding to customer is the 6th order for this customer, i should don't add order. is it possible? or are there other ways to implement relationships with custom cardinality?
  7. Like title says, can i create 1:x relationships where x is random number? if i can, how?
  8. How can i create 1:1 relationship between 2 tables?
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