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  1. Hello DesiLogi, I cannot check your script right now, so it is just my opinion. I think that your script does not works, because you use invalid names for inline fields. Please pay your attention, that prefix for inline insert fields is InlineAdd, and for inline update it is InlineEdit, but it isn't InsertRecord. Thanks
  2. Hello Farnsbarnes, May you please place code below to you parent page, to "onmessage" event handler? Just replace "f.src = f.src;" to code below. I hope it will help. In case if it does not fix the issue with old data, can you please post link to you parent page? If it isn't acceptable, just send link to parent page to me via forum message. try { f.src = f.src.replace(/[&][t][=][0-9]+$/gi, '') + '&t=' + String(new Date().getTime()); } catch (e) { } Thanks
  3. Hello peterhanse, Password cannot be blank. If you didn't write any value when add new row, system will generate random password. Sure. Please add Header & Footer to your Update DataPage, and place code below to DataPage footer. Please pay your attention, that if user already did change own password, she open Update DataPage second time, and password fields will cleaned on page's load, it is required enter password every time when data will changed, Otherwise password will be override with random value. <script type="text/javascript"> var pwd = document.g
  4. Hello Farnsbarnes, Yes, you can. For reload particular iframe, you need to correct your code. On your parent page, in "onmessage" event handler replace line below location.reload(); to several new lines var f = document.getElementById("Frame2"); //Set real id f.src = f.src; Thanks
  5. kRv

    Datapage Display

    Hello AndyWallace, Yes, it is possible. You can choose between predefined criteria Report DataPage and Direct to Details DataPage. In both cases you just need select specific search type - "filter data based on your pre-defined criteria". In this case you can pre-configure and static values for criteria or set up DataPage to receive external parameters. Please see for more details http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/creating-a-report-datapage/ Thanks
  6. Hello Farnsbarnes, Can you tell me please, do you use different domains for parent page, and for iframe? If yes, proposed solution cannot works due to security restrictions. Can you please open browser console, and look for some run-time errors, when you submit form in iframe? Can you see some error with similar text? "SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin..." If you have similar error, you can use some different technique based on messages. Please pay your attention that it will works in modern browsers only. You can see list of supported browsers here http://caniuse.com/#sear
  7. Hello MTF, Can you tell me please, which kind of deployment method do you use? Embed? Also please tell me which kind of data type your field has. Thanks
  8. Hello Farnsbarnes, Please see example below. If user will select one or more values from Select control, and will click "Open" button, all values will be passed to popup page. According to your questions: >> should I attach [@sitelink] , or the field name, to the parameter? You should use [@sitelink] parameter to build proper URL to popup page. I.e. [@sitelink] + '?prm1=123&prm2=456. If you already have question mark in [@sitelink], just replace it ampersand (&). >>being a virtual field, should it be written as cbParamVirtualfield Yes. Please look at follo
  9. Hello Farnsbarnes, I'm not sure that I understand correctly what you would like to achieve, but let me explain overall case, how to pass parameter between parent page and popup. And your last code example does not makes sense, because you try use not variable, but string literal. 1) To pass parameter to popup you can add it to query string <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <title></title> <script type="text/javascript"> var abc; function foo() {
  10. Hello asimmons, Bridge always creates Excel XML file, when you choose "MS Excel Spreadsheet (XML)" as file format. I think your user has some issue with file associations. Can you ask she try repair Office installation? Thanks
  11. Hello aukinfo, No, it isn't possible. But you can create feature request on IdeaBox site http://ideabox.caspio.com/ Thanks
  12. Hello wgalliance, HTML element "form" doesn't have "onchange" event. Also after change variable "a" you didn't set it back to "value" property of input element. Please add this script to footer of authentication which you use. <script type="text/javascript"> function nophyphen() { var ctrl = document.getElementById("xip_UserId"); if (ctrl) { ctrl.value = ctrl.value.replace(/-/g, ""); } } var xip = document.getElementById("xip_UserId"); if (xip) { xip.onchange = nophyphen }; </scrip
  13. Hello egilley, It is a bit late, but I would like add some comments. >>I'm so sorry, but I don't understand what you're showing me and how it will help me with the javascript and getting the statement I want to drop into a hidden field I did show to you example, which write something to hidden field if value in specified field meet some conditionals If you open details page for record with ID 1, nothing happened, because value of Int32 record equal zero. But if you will open any other records, you will see some message, generated via script. As I understand it is exactly w
  14. Hello egilley, I'm not sure what kind of issue you got with details DataPage, but quick example, which I create myself, works for me. Please see link to similar DataPage below https://c2ebv261.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=B4D840008d0048954b094c07a106 For make sure that we on same page, may you please post link to your DataPage? I will look on it, and will try figure out how I can help to you. Thanks
  15. Hello egilley, According to your last question - hidden fields are hidden fields on any type of DataPages. Every time they translated to regular HTML elements (<input type="hidden" />) According to your first question, I think there is some data type issue. Please pay your attention, that following code will create string variable, but not numeric var issue5a = '[@field:issue_5_a]'; But below you are trying use it as numeric variable if (issue5a > 0) { Please try change initialization of "issue5a" variable to following var issue5a = Number('[@field:issue_5_a]'); Hope
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