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  1. I tested this with checkbox and radiobuttons, did not work. Only List and dropdown give the info... Finaly i worked with this to add up 1 to the existing amount: <script language="JavaScript"> function concatenate() { var position1 = parseInt(document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").value); var position2 = parseInt(document.getElementById("EditRecordR393_Kip_met_Marrokaanse_kruiden").value); var allpositions = position1 + position2; document.getElementById("EditRecordR393_Kip_met_Marrokaanse_kruiden").value=allpositions; } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=concatenate; </SCRIPT> many thanx! Mel
  2. yes, thank you for all the answers! Mel
  3. Normally this procedure must work in the footer of a update datapage form, so when the virtual1 checkbox is checked, then add +1 to the total of field... The procedure to add +1 to the fields total is working... When adding the If-Then procedure it stops adding, with or without the checkbox checked.... If anybody can help me with this? Thanx <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> // ParsInt script is tested en working (adding each time +1 to value Kip_met_Marokkaanse_kruiden) function add() { var totalVal = parseInt((document.getElementById("EditRecordR393_Kip_met_Marrokaanse_kruiden").value)) + (+1); document.getElementById("EditRecordR393_Kip_met_Marrokaanse_kruiden").value=totalVal; } function is_checked_and_change() { var is_checked = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").checked; if (is_checked) { document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=add; } } </SCRIPT>>
  4. hi GoCubbies, thank you for the advice. I tested all, but still not add +1 when the checkbox is checked. The code for adding +1 to another field is working, but it is like the if-then code is not detecting anything? I am searching this for 2 days already. Maybe you can see other faults? thanx, Bart Belgium the updated code: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function add() { var totalVal = parseInt((document.getElementById ("EditRecordR393_Kip_met_Marrokaanse_kruiden").value;)) + (+1) document.getElementById ("EditRecordR393_Kip_met_Marrokaanse_kruiden").value; =totalVal; } function is_checked_and_change() { var is_checked = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").checked; if (is_checked) { document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=add; } } </SCRIPT>>
  5. I can add numbers now, but i can not do the 'if then' check.. When Virtual1 is "Y" then add +1 to Fieldxx Thank you if you could help me out.. Bart <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function add() { var totalVal = parseInt((document.getElementById("EditRecordR393_Kip_met_Marrokaanse_kruiden").value)) + (+1) document.getElementById("EditRecordR393_Kip_met_Marrokaanse_kruiden").value =totalVal; } if (document.getElementById("@cbParamVirtual1").value == "Y") { document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=add; } </SCRIPT>>
  6. I found already this, but it concatenate instead of addition... Can anybody make this script work? <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function add() { var position1 =document.getElementById("EditRecordR397_Gegrilde_eend_sappig").value; var position2 = 1 var allpositions = position1 + position2; document.getElementById("EditRecordR393_Kip_met_Marrokaanse_kruiden").value =allpositions; } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=add; </SCRIPT>>
  7. For example a 'check' field... ik cannot do [@example]=[@example]+1 when checked Someone can help me out? thanx Bart
  8. Problem: Several people submit there ingrediënts preference from a list(dropdown) with a submit datapage. I want to make a report that lists this in order of most choosen ingrediënt first. Somebody has experience with such poll reports? See my graphical example within this message. Thank you, Bart
  9. Problem: under Tabular format there is no 'hide on blank value" I can only work under Tabular because of the agregation function (sum). Report -> tabular -> Results page fields So hide the colums(fields) where the value is blank Can someone help me please? Thank you Bart
  10. With for example google Icloud you can print from a webpage to a internet connected printer. In fact it reload's the page in the background and send it to you virtual printserver installed for example on a Windows PC. But when it is a password protected Caspio datapage, it only print the password screen. Is there a solutions for this or another software tool on the market? Thanx Bart
  11. Trough webservices or XML or Schema? Thanx if you have a litle example! Bart
  12. I want to copy the company address to the deliveryaddress in a form(datapage).. For example this script in a html block at the end of the form.. document.getElementById("authfield:CompanyZipCode").name = CompanyZip; document.getElementById("EditRecordDeliveryAddressZipCode").name = CompanyZip; thanx for info Bart
  13. Based on the user date input -> goto to different webpage.. for example.. If date is less then 3 days from now goto page A If date is more then 3 days goto page B If someone can help me out to do this (javascript?) thank you. Bart
  14. For a reason i have to slow down for short time (1 sec or so, have to test) the loading of a datapage in the webbrowser... (so just updated data(recordaction: delete) is captured, now it is not in time refreshed)... Can someone show me how todo it below? Deploy code: Click here to load this Caspio Online Database app. thanx! Bart ps.: (i think the refresh problem has todo with the calculated field, because normal resultdatapages refresh ontime)
  15. Hello Bahar, it is still not possible because you have multiple fields(products refs.) in the order tabel, and only one Ref. field in the Article table.. Maybe it is better that you can see it for yourself on my account. You have the permission to enter it from me, the username is bartus. In Views you can see 2 views, one with 1 ref. nr connected, wich works, and the other view with multiple connections (2) wich don't work.. Thanx, Bart ps. the relation to Access is that the amount of text(data) per row is to big to import trough a soap connection in a access table. The problem is not the table limitation,, but the row limitation. Because i can query the article export file with ref.nr and description(agregate in access query) and use this in the lookup dropdown(in caspio), but afterwards i can not import it anymore in access(the orders).
  16. Hello, thank you for the answers. CSV is not automatic (automation). Bahar, I have different fields in the ordertable like: FishChoice1, Fishchoice 2, Meatchoice1, meatchoice2... and then i have a lookup table TblArticles wich i use in the dropdown to fill-in the choices (meatchoice1 etc...) and i can not set the description of the article as "field of value" because MS Access does'nt allow so much info coming in trough a soap connection per table... But i can't create a view of this... (combined the TblOrders and TblArticles). Is'nt there a way to do this? Greetz, Bart
  17. Hello, I have a website where i sell products. I have approx. 40 fields in the Ordertable to put in the products (wich are choosen trough drop-down lists and puts only the ref.nr. of the product as reference(field for value). I cannot put in the Article description, because the MS Access table import does not allow that much value to import (using the SOAP plug-in from Caspio). The problem is that i can only show Rer.nrs. of the article in a shopping-basket view on the website. I also tryed different ways with Caspio Views, but it does'nt work... I would like a kind of Virtual field that i can use to display the article description related to the Article Ref.Nr. Can someone help me with this? Thanx Bart
  18. Hallo Bahar, thank you, for your reply. I still can not "none" display field elements with javascript. This is in the details page and i put it in the footer part. document.getElementById("[@field:GerkeuzeVlees1]").style.display="none"; Thank you, Bart
  19. How to attach a price to a particular product choice? (This is a details page) shopping basket
  20. How to keep out record lines in the shopping basket with certain value (examp. Here:leeg=empty)? (This is a details page) Thank you. Bart
  21. How to align(fixed columnes) these individualy? (These are not multiple records but 1 record (details page)) Can somebody help me, thanx. Bart
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