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  1. I'm trying to set the value of a Virtual field based on a value of a field on my form. Form Type = Search and Report (details updateable) NPS_Score = number field tblTechs_Email = text field Here is my script that is in the form footer function sendto() if(document.getElementById("EditRecordNPS_Score")<7; { document.getElementById('caspioform').cbParamVirtual1.value = \"joe@test.com\"; }else{ document.getElementById('caspioform').cbParamVirtual1.value = document.getElementById("EditRecordtblTechs_Email"); } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=sendto; Help??
  2. I'm a novice to JS, and could really use a hand creating a "quick" script. Function: (Detail Form) If NPS_Score < 7 (virtual field)SendTo = user@email.com else (virtual field)SendTo = tblTechs_Email This way I can send an Acknowledgment Email to two different people depending on the "score". Thanks in advance for your help!
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