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  1. Is there a method for displaying the results of a search (on a search and report datapage) so that a selection checkbox is displayed next to each record returned by the search? In other words, I want to be able to select individual records returned by a search so I can perform a "bulk action" on just those records. As an example, I've attached a screenshot of a Gmail page. As you can see, I searched for items containing "caspio." In the search results, I am able to select individual records and perform a "bulk action" on them (e.g., "Mark as unread," etc.). Thanks for your help. [attachment=0]ss_1.JPG[/attachment]
  2. I am beginning a new and critical phase in the development of my Caspio application. I have a lot of time and money invested in this project so, before I proceed, I’d like your advice and input on possible strategies and solutions. Below, I first describe the existing elements of my tables and DataPages. After that is an explanation of my objective. Specifically, I am requesting strategies and techniques for accomplishing the OBJECTIVE using built-in Caspio tools and techniques but I am also open to incorporating Javascript, if necessary. Thanks in advance for your help! CASPIO ELEMENTS____________________________________ Table_1: Defined fields include: "Profile_ID" (Autonumber) "Field_2" (Text 255) "Field_3" (Text 255) "Field_4" (Text 255) Table_2: Defined field is "ID" (Number) Table_3: Defined field is "ID" (Number) Table_4: Defined field is "ID" (Number) Lookup_Table_1: Defined field is: Choice (Text 255) This lookup table has been manually populated with 3 records: Record 1: Choice = “A†Record 2: Choice = “B†Record 3: Choice = “C†DataPage_1: Single Record Update form. Displays the following field elements from Table_1: Field_2: form element = Dropdown, Required Field_3: form element = Dropdown, Required Field_4 form element = Dropdown, Required Field_2, Field_3, and Field_4 all have their Source: (in Field Options) set to the same lookup table = Lookup_Table_1. Thus, in DataPage_1, the user will: > from a dropdown, select “A†or “B†or “C†for Field_2 > from a dropdown, select “A†or “B†or “C†for Field_3 > from a dropdown, select “A†or “B†or “C†for Field_4 OBJECTIVE______________________________________ Upon or after submission of DataPage_1, the application will process the selections made in Field_2, Field_3, and Field_4 and write a new record to either Table_2, Table_3, or Table_4 according to the following logic. The logic below applies equally to the processing of Field_2, Field_3, and Field_4: IF “A†was selected from the the dropdown box, a new record will be written to Table_2. For this new record: The value of the field “ID†will be set to the value of the field “Profile_ID†(of the record that was updated in DataPage_1) IF “B†was selected from the the dropdown box, a new record will be written to Table_3. For this new record: The value of the field “ID†will be set to the value of the field “Profile_ID†(of the record that was updated in DataPage_1) IF “C†was selected from the the dropdown box, a new record will be written to Table_4. For this new record: The value of the field “ID†will be set to the value of the field “Profile_ID†(of the record that was updated in DataPage_1) Thanks for your help!
  3. Caspio provides a very convenient built-in capability (Form Element: Email) to validate an input text string as a valid email address. Is there a similar built-in capability for password strength and parameters? My project includes a user registration form that requires new users to establish an account with an email address and a password. I am successfully using Form Element: Email to ensure that only valid email addresses are accepted by the form. But I also need the passwords to conform to "strength" standards. Specifically, I would like passwords to be at least 7 characters long and include at least 1 number. Is there a built-in ability to do this? If not, can you suggest a method (Javascript?) to accomplish this? Thank you.
  4. Objective: On submission of a web update form, write "Yes" or "No" to a text field based on the selections made to three different radio buttons in the same form. Radio button 1 (text field name = Question 1): values are "YES" or "NO" Radio button 2 (text field name = Question 2): values are "YES" or "NO" Radio button 3 (text field name = Question 3): values are "YES" or "NO" The field named "user_profile_complete" is a Text Field (255). The text field "user_profile_complete" should be updated to say "Yes" if all three radio buttons were selected "NO." If any of the three radio buttons were selected "Yes" then the text field "user_profile_complete" should be updated to say "No." This is a single record update form. Below is Javascript I have written to accomplish this task but it is not working. I have this script placed in the footer of the Datapage containing all the elements listed above. Please help. ________________________________________ function setcomplete() { var q1 = document.getElementById("EditRecordQuestion_1").value; var q2 = document.getElementById("EditRecordQuestion_2").value; var q3 = document.getElementById("EditRecordQuestion_3").value; var y = "Yes" var n = "No" if (q1 == 'NO') && (q2 == 'NO') && (q3 == 'NO') { document.getElementById("EditRecorduser_profile_complete").value=y; } else { document.getElementById("EditRecorduser_profile_complete").value=n; } } /* On submitting the webform, the function setcomplete is executed */ document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=setcomplete;
  5. Again, thanks for the info and the help. My script still is not working. The current version is: script type="text/javascript"> var q1; q1 = "[@Question_1]"; window.onload = visibleInvisible(q1) function visibleInvisible(q1){ if (q1 =="Y") {document.getElementById("EditRecordQuestion_1_info").style.visibility="visible";} else {document.getElementById("EditRecordQuestion_1_info").style.visibility="hidden";} }
  6. sbelini, Thanks for the info but, unfortunately, that doesn't resolve the issue.
  7. OBJECTIVE: On DataPage 1 (embedded deploy), the user is presented with a check box (Question_1). After clicking Sumbit on DataPage 1, user is directed to DataPage 2 (embedded deploy). If the user checked the checkbox on DataPage 1, then DataPage 2 should display a hidden text field. ISSUE: I cannot get the text field to display on DataPage 2. CASPIO DESIGN: My table has a YES/NO field called "Question_1" On DataPage 1 (update existing record, embedded deploy), Question_1 is included as a Checkbox form element and is set to pass the field value to the next page. On DataPage 2, (update existing record, embedded deploy), Enable Advanced Options and Enable Parameters are both enabled. A Unique Field ID and Parameter Name are defined [@InsertRecordxxxx].An HTML block is defined in the header (I've also tried it in a body HTML block) that contains the following: window.onload=function visibleInvisible() function visibleInvisible() { if("[@Question_1]"="YES") { form.visibleTxtBox1.style.visibility="visible" } else { form.visibleTxtBox1.style.visibility="hidden" } } Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks.
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