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  1. I hope this is an easy answer. I've inserted an HTML block on a Caspio form. I'm trying to get the inserted HTML text to look just like the Caspio labels but I'm struggling. On the attached picture, I want the word "Vacation" to match the formatting of "Approver Role" I've got Vacation but it isn't working. The text just looks black and doesn't match the Caspio style that I've applied to that page.
  2. Wow! Thanks for looking into it. I look forward to the fix when it comes out.
  3. Good thought. I filtered down so that it would pull up exactly 1 record in my view so it even says "Record 1-1 of 1." I click on Download and opened up the CSV. The first row is the header information. The second row is the information. The third row is still just a ton of spaces.
  4. Great question! I just went in and checked and I don't see any empty lines in the view that is the basis for the datapage search and report. I didn't think I would but wanted to be sure. Any other thoughts?
  5. I set up a search and report page and clicked the box to "Enable users to download search results." I chose the CSV format. People are able to download the search results which is great. However, the last line in the CSV consists entirely of spaces. Does anyone know how to prevent that?
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