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  1. MayMusic

    Is it Easy to develop app with Capsio

    I recommend you to signup for a trial account and then a sales rep will contact you and shows you how you can start building your app with a help of support rep. They can build the very first phase of your app in an hour for you. And you will see how easy you can bring your idea to the web.
  2. MayMusic

    Grid edit by default

    Then my code is not working with freezed header right?
  3. MayMusic

    Criteria For a Cascading Dropdown

    Can you have a waterfall cascade? If not then you cannot have two parents .. sorry
  4. MayMusic

    Login Redirect

    Go to authentication that is applied to this HTML Page and click on Properties see if you have any custom URL for designated entry page or log out/timeout. If you have a designated entry page, the link might not be valid or you might have checked relative while you have the full path there. ..
  5. MayMusic

    Multiple table editing on single HTML form

    You can deploy all update forms on the same page but for each, you need to click on the update button of that page. Request this feature http://ideabox.caspio.com
  6. This is not an option in Caspio. I would recommend you to request this feature http://ideabox.caspio.com/.
  7. Sounds good let me know how it goes ...
  8. MayMusic

    How to overwrite date format

    This is not something that can be done easily in the system by using standard features. If your users log in and we can get the location of the user from login you can either redirect them to different websites you have generated for each region or have a javascript to change the date format but they all need to be saved to the table in the same format. I would recommend you to contact Caspio professional services in this regard: http://caspio.com/professional-services/
  9. MayMusic


    What do you have in mind? Have you planned your app yet? You need to first outline your project
  10. MayMusic

    Rule Help

    Let's say if the value in another field is OTHER you want to unhide this field and make it require. Then you need to first add a section and have this field in a section as only one action per field is possible. Two rules you need: 1- Value = OTHER make the field required 2- Value is not equal = OTHER Make it Hidden So you are doing it the other way around instead of saying if value = OTHER Unhide you say If value is not OTHER Hide
  11. You cannot show two lined only. That is why I recommended you to have two tables
  12. As a quick tip in most of the cases, you need to use single quote in SQL syntax in Caspio
  13. MayMusic

    Insert SQL in submission form

    You can create a triggered action on your parent table to add the row to child table on Insert. So you need to select Action = Insert and then click on the gear next to insert to select from from #inseted which is the newly added data : http://joxi.ru/L21KwNau81Db9r
  14. MayMusic

    Research results don't display. No records found

    Areas to double check: 1- Make sure you have data in the table source. Best would be to hover over the DataPage name and then click on the name of the Source. It will open the source. 2- On you report DataPage if you have dropdown or radio button and Any/Select option, under Custom make sure you have removed value as described here https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/adding-an-any-option-to-a-dropdown/ https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/radio-buttons-selecting-all-options-2/ 3- check comparison type for each search field. 4- create a pre-defined report and see if you can get value If these are not helping provide the URL to your report DataPage here.