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  1. Since you are only applying the code to one DataPage only that DataPage will have the button on the same like.
  2. What is the condition? Please also take a look at this page:
  3. MayMusic

    Error (Caspio Bridge error) (62504)

    Send an email to customersupport@caspio.com and ask them to remove you from phishing list. You need to provide the URL to the DataPage as well
  4. When you have bulk update you can select more than one row to be updated. And in each row, the date value which you would like to copy as default value can vary. How the system should now which one to pick?
  5. MayMusic

    Only showing result once

    As I understand you have these tables: Teacher: Teacher_ID Course: Course_ID Enrollment: Teacher_ID, Course_ID to not get repeated info, what you can have is to create a report based on your Course table. Create a view to join Enrollment and Course so you can get the name of the teacher, we call it: CourseEnrollment And then use this formula: SELECT TOP 1 Teacher_Full_Name FROM _v_CourseEnrollment WHERE Teacher_ID = target.[@field:CourseEnrollment_Teacher_ID] ORDER BY Teacher_Full_Name DESC But this will only give you one teacher per teacher, so if you have more teachers for the same course it will only show you the top 1
  6. MayMusic

    Dynamically formatting a column in a tabular report

    Refer to this forum post:
  7. Since you have checked RLS, the user should be able to only see the records that Dentist ID number from user table matches Dentist_ID_N from the source table, not all records.
  8. MayMusic

    Triggered action - conditional

    To get access to the field values you need to add a SELECt block from Data Group
  9. MayMusic

    hello everyone :))

    If you add an HTMLBlock and select the file field from picker and URL as the format you can get the URL to the file which includes the file ID. But this URL cannot be used on a browser to get access to the file due to security purposes. Only on the browser where you the report page, or details page which you have this file field on.
  10. Hello MayMusic:

    I have tried this with other members and no respond.

    I have a list of records, that the user filters by state, city and/or establishment, and they see the list. 25 a page and then next page and so on...


    I would like to insert advertising say every 10 records, has anyone done such thing? I am sure it is possible using Java. Your help is appreciated.

    Image attached.



  11. MayMusic

    How to set dropdown field type to receive parameter

    Since the nature of cascading element is to be filtered based on selection on parent dropdown, we cannot have any other values rather than the ones system returns as it might not be one of the child values. For instance if you have state (parent )and city (cascading child). Now if you receive Washington DC as city while you have California as state (parent field) this combination is not accurate. and this is the reason system is now allowing to receive parameter on cascading element.
  12. MayMusic

    Two Variant Calculator

    Thank you
  13. You put the script in the Footer, make sure to uncheck HTML Editor in advanced tab
  14. MayMusic

    Looking for a designer

    If you would like to inherit the same style you have on your website in your Caspio pages, you can easily change them in Caspio : https://howto.caspio.com/styles/creating-a-style/
  15. What if you add a new row for each user with new role when you have a Role table. So you have: Usertable: UserID (Unique) RoleTable: User_ID, Role Then you can create a view to get the roles and create your authentication based on this view