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  1. Yes all these messages are in the localization you are using for this report page. Create a copy of the localization and under Results Pages >> Messages >> 351 No Records Found >> Add your custom text. You can also add HTML tags for instance <a href="UTL OF THE PAGE"> Add New </a> or you can also have JS.
  2. If you have ajax enabled the reset button would not work and as DevArora mentioned above you need to clear the values with JS
  3. MayMusic

    PDF Download New Caspio Feature

    You need to report this to Caspio I could try and got to the same issue
  4. MayMusic

    Table based list, multiple values

    Yes, you need to have a third table and then what you can do is to create a pre-defined report based on this third table which is filtered by Topic ID. Enable delete and inline insert on this tubular report, get the frame deploy code and place it in the footer of the details page of your Topic report. The frame has a source URL pass the ID of the Topic through this link so when you move to details of topic you only see associated tags.
  5. You cannot select rows but you can first filter and then use replace in data sheet in table section.
  6. MayMusic

    How To Rank keywords ?

    To get familiar with Caspio SEO refer to https://howto.caspio.com/faq/deployment/seo-deployment/. This post might also help https://jammydigital.com/seo-ranking-google/
  7. MayMusic

    Using a Parameter in an Aggregate field

    you should be able to receive that value just like how you receive it on any fields: [@Parameter Name]
  8. MayMusic

    Day of the week in table

    In the submission form where you add the values to the table, you can include an integer field, form element should be Calculated value and use the same formula above
  9. MayMusic

    Save Virtual in a Table

    Why don't you include the field that you want to save this value to, to the DataPage instead of this virtual field? That should do it for you
  10. Instead of having search page to reload as the same page, put the URL of the search page as the destination and see how that works
  11. MayMusic

    URL LINK fail to open ftp file

    If you have stored it in table and want to show the field as hyper link in Configure Fields screen for this field "Render value as" URL link and if you want to select the field value as src of an anchor tag in HTML Block you need to select the HTML format: <a href="[@field:pdf!]">Open</a>
  12. MayMusic

    Submission Form - Multiple entries

    For each entry you need to have one field in the table, if the number of costs is not fixed for each field, then you need to create a table for value and cost with the Job ID with it. For instance the following tables: 1: Job Table: Job_ID (unique), Name, Value 2: Cost Table: Job_ID, Name, Value So for each row in Job Table there can be multiple rows in Cost Table
  13. MayMusic

    Authentication/Login Page Looping Issue

    try it again and see if it is working now. There were some old authentication sessions that were causing the issue. Those are removed now. Let me know if your login is working now