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  1. Hi May Music,

    I have 20 similar fields on a caspio form, which contain numbers (including decimal fractions). I need to carry out a multiplication and an addition (values for each are different in virtual fields on the same form) and then place the resulting values into an array and sort them according to their numerical value and then they need to be placed back into the original fields from highest to lowest. This process should occur every time the value of these 20 fields is changed. There should also be a trigger for the same action to take place if any of a number of "modifier"fields are  altered.


    I am afraid that I can not get close to getting this done. While I know VBA, i have no Java background. I would really appreciate any help and I appreciate your time and effort for reading this.

    Thank you,


    Nick Martin

  2. You can request Caspio support to enable orphan file cleanup in your account. There are two type: Manual and Automatic. The program then will run ones a day and looks for the files that are not reference in any tables in your account. These files will be saved in a table called CB_Orphan_Files table and if you choose manual you need to check the files and check remove to have then removed and if automatic they will be removed in 24 hours with the next run time. To read more about this feature refer to this article https://howto.caspio.com/files-and-images/orphan-file-cleanup/
  3. Where do you see those broken links? On Caspio pages?
  4. You can change the form element of your field to be a Calculated Value on your submission page and use the formula below: DATEADD(MONTH, DATEDIFF(MONTH, 0, GETDATE()), 0)
  5. Add this code to the header of the screen: <style> .cbFormSelect{ display: inline-block; vertical-align: top; overflow: hidden; border: solid grey 1px; } .cbFormSelect select{ padding: 10px; margin: -5px -20px -5px -5px; } </style>
  6. Java scrip will not get disabled if you disable AJAX, but you need to adjust the code to work. For instance if you are using Caspio event handlers you need to replace them. Refer to this https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-bridge-13-0/13-0-impacted-areas/. You need to reverse your code back.
  7. Try to deploy one page and see if WIX is adding frame around it then it will not work. It is better to contact their sales/support and the try the deploy codes to test. For instance implement this sample and then use the deploy codes to test.
  8. You can either open the details page as a popup so user can close when they are done and go back to the report. If you know coding you can open the details on the same page you have deployed your report page. For instance in the block next to results which changes on each click. You can also separate your search and result in 2 pages and pass all the parameters you used to filter your report back to the pre-defined report page.
  9. On your Submission Page configuration for the file field you have the option to choose the folder you want the file to be stored in. You can also add another field to store the thumbnail of the file.
  10. Assign an ID to each section by adding HTML blocks before and after and under advanced tab uncheck HTML editor. HTML Block above: <div id="first_Section"> HTML Block below: </div> Then have a JS to get the value and show/hide the section. If you have the link to the page I can give you the code
  11. So basically if there is a clock in and it is not ye clocked out there should not be any new entry to this table. Is that correct? If that is correct, then you can have a details page which is filtered based on this table to pull the record that Clock out is blank and clock in is not blank. If there is any record that means someone if already working. You can add a message with for instance user name that this person is already working. If there is no record then it means they can submit a new row. This is when this details page returns no records found. You can change this message in Localization and add a JS line to redirect user to submission page. <script>window.location.href="SUBMISSION PAGE URL";</script> apply this localization to your DataPage. Authenticate your details page so user can login and use it as entry point. If they can submit they will be redirected to submission otherwise they see the details or no details of the open task but a message that says there is another open task.
  12. Is the one that is not working authenticated? Maybe you have designated entry page on your login page so it redirects you back to one page.
  13. List and File data types are not available
  14. Hmm ... how do we know if there is any files on share point? If you have a table in Caspio that stores the filed and you have a date field which identifies which dates those files are available then you can have a code to change the color, hide/show buttons ....
  15. You can use triggered actions that runs on the update and increments the value of a field on the other table: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/triggered-actions/
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