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  1. They have white-listed Caspio, but some networks might take 24~48 hours to update their lists.
  2. Hello, Caspio has requested whitelisting from Barracuda but we are not sure if and when they will do it. In the meantime, it is up to the administrator of the Barracuda appliance to whitelist caspio.com if they want. The reason that they are considering us suspicious is “Link tracking is considered suspicious in nature and can be flagged as suspect in the event of malicious urls that are published, that we may pick up in our systems.” (from barracuda Support) Regards, NKamalan
  3. These are the pages you need to have: - A standalone login page (let's call it "login.htm") - A landing page after successful login (let’s call it “mypage.htm”) Step 1. - Create an authentication folder. Open the authentication wizard and add a Header/Footer to configure fields screen Put at the header Put at the footer Step 2. Also Attach the following script to the footer of the login form var landing_page = ‘mypage.htm’; // it could be relative or full path window.location=landing_page; Step 4. - At the standalone login page “login.htm”. Wrap the Caspio Deploy code of custom HTML page with a div
  4. Hi Bjorn, This option is only available for Tabular reports. Regards, NKamalan
  5. nkamalan

    Search Again

    Hello, I reported this issue as a bug in the system to the development team. Thanks for bringing this up to our attention. You can also report bugs or request for new features at http://forums.caspio.com/viewforum.php?f=7 Regards, NKamalan
  6. nkamalan

    Sales report

    Hi Walt, Here is a close example of what you are trying to achieve. In this case customer logs can be the customer orders in your case. Please go over the tutorial and let me know if you have any questions. http://howto.caspio.com/parameters/in-action/in-action-one-to-many-relational-datapages.html Good Luck :wink: :wink: :wink:
  7. nkamalan

    Auto Emails

    The solution above is for Caspio Bridge though not Express DB. Which one are you using?
  8. nkamalan

    Auto Emails

    Let's say based on the department user selects you would like to send out emails. You can achieve this functionality using cascading dropdown and acknowledgement email. There two ways depending on which field, department, email address or both are desired to be saved in the new record. In this example we have a look up table called "tbl_lu_emails" including two fields "department" and "email". department email ------------------------------------------- Sales sales@company.com;sales2@company.com;sales3@company.com Support support@company.com,support2@company.com;support3@company.com Management management@company.com;management2@company.com;management3@company.com Please note you are separating emails by (. Approach 1: Using this approach only email address will be saved in the new record. Use a dropdown element and select the look up table as datasource. Select the department field for "Display" and the email address for "Value". Then set up the Acknowledgment Email based in the dropdown field. Approach 2: Using this approach, both department and email address will be saved in the new record submission: In this method we will use a dropdown for department and a cascading dropdown to pull up the associated email. See how to set up a cascading dropdown at http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/form- ... boxes.html. Now you can set the Acknowledgment Email to be sent to the "email" field. If you do not want the email field to be visible in the form you can hide it. See how, http://howto.caspio.com/customization/h ... pages.html. In this way if user selects Sales then the Email field will have the email address of Sales department. Note: You cannot use this method if you are already using the acknowledgement email. Cheers!
  9. You can also try this: function f_change() { document.getElementById("TextBoxID").value="[@cbTimestamp]"; } document.getElementById("DropdownID").onchange=f_change;
  10. Please try this in the footer of the page: function getT() { document.getElementById("EditRecordpatient_status_change_timestamp").value = '[@cbTimestamp]'; } document.getElementById('EditRecordpatient_status').setAttribute("onChange", "getT();"); Regards, NKamalan
  11. nkamalan

    Input Form Issue

    Hi Paul, This window pops up when you are passing or receiving parameter in your DataPage and the page expects parameter/s. This page is useful when you want to quickly test your DataPage and you just want to pass the parameter value to the page and see if it shows the expected values in the page.
  12. Hello, Your requested has been submitted to our feature request list on 02/17/2012 01:02:11 AM and I added another comment to it to speed it up. We are committed to continually improving our product and expanding our standard feature set. You can also request feature or report bugs at http://forums.caspio.com/viewforum.php?f=7. The more request we get the sooner we will add it as a standard feature. The feature request ID for this case is 14733. If you would like to let users upload an image to your page, you can add a file field to the table. Please follow this tutorial which explains the steps: http://howto.caspio.com/files-and-images/uploading-files-and-images/%C2'> Regards, NKamalan
  13. Here is the script that generates 8 digit random number and put it in RandomNum field. It goes to the footer of the submission page. function r_num() { var randNum = ""; var MAX_LENGTH = 8; while(randNum.toString().length var temp = Math.floor(Math.random() * 10); randNum += temp.toString(); } document.getElementById("InsertRecordRandomNum").value=randNum; } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=r_num;
  14. Using Caspio point-and click wizards help users create feature-rich and stylish web forms, reports and applications fast and without coding, and deploy to any website without knowing programming. Please go over these video tutorial and see how easy it is to create your applications: http://howto.caspio.com/videos/getting-started/ and feel free to create a free trial account at http://www.caspio.com/get-started/ this way the account manager assigned to your account will contact you and show you a demo and also will help you to create your App during your trial. Regards, Nkamalan
  15. Please try this code in an HTML block at the very end of the element list or in the footer: <script> function f_address() { if(document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual1').checked) { document.getElementById('InsertRecordBilling_Address').value=document.getElementById('InsertRecordShipping_Address').value; document.getElementById('InsertRecordBilling_City').value=document.getElementById('InsertRecordShipping_City').value; document.getElementById('InsertRecordBilling_State').value=document.getElementById('InsertRecordShipping_State').value; document.getElementById('InsertRecordBilling_zip').value=document.getElementById('InsertRecordShipping_zip').value; } else { document.getElementById('InsertRecordBilling_Address').value=""; document.getElementById('InsertRecordBilling_City').value=""; document.getElementById('InsertRecordBilling_State').value=""; document.getElementById('InsertRecordBilling_zip').value=""; } } document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual1').onclick= f_address; </script> Please note in here you need to replace cbParamVirtual1 with the ID of the checkbox and all other field IDs with the appropriate ID you have in your form. I have one suggestion since you are using Java Scripts. Use Firefox and install Firebug which is an add-on for Firefox, free and open source. It allows the debugging, editing, and monitoring of any website's CSS, HTML, DOM, and JavaScript, and provides other Web development tools. It also has a JavaScript console for logging errors and watching values, as well as a "Net" feature which monitors the amount of time in milliseconds it takes to execute scripts and load images on the page. I am also using Firebug to get the ID of an element. Cheers
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