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  1. I wanted to post my solution in case anyone else has this problem... I opened the style page to edit it. I clicked Source to open the source code. I then went down to User Defined Styles and added the following code: .cbResultSetTableCell { border-color: #ffffff; } and that's it!
  2. I was able to fix it! I think I must have had the wrong editing table selected in my view. Thank you for the replies!
  3. Basically I either want to delete the files in bulk or disassociate them so I can clear them through Caspio file cleanup.
  4. Yes it is, I’m trying to bulk delete images that are uploaded to my Caspio account. It’ll let me individual delete each record by clicking delete, but if I select all and bulk delete it won’t?
  5. Hello, no it’s still there when I preview directly from Caspio. That was a good thought though, I’ve had Wordpress overrode things before. I’ll send the link to you. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I have a gallery report that is 5 grid columns wide. I have 6 results that show up, which leaves 4 blank gallery squares on the second row (5 on the first row, 1 on the second row, leaving the remaining 4 blank on the second row). How do I get the border around the 4 empty results to go away?? Thanks!
  7. We cannot seem to do a bulk delete of files on a deployed datapage, is there a reason why? We can delete the entries individually, but if we select all files in a bulk select and click delete, nothing happens...basically we want our users to be able to delete multiple images at one time. Thanks
  8. mark048


    Hello, Is there a way to have my graph show percentage complete, without showing the actual numbers? For example, if the rows of my table add up to $500 of the $1,000 Goal, for the bar graph to show 50% complete without showing the numbers? So far I can get it to visually chart 50% on the bars, but it shows $500 instead of 50% Thanks!
  9. Hello, Is there a way to send an external html parameter, and to encapsulate it somehow? The problem I'm having is when a customer enters an "&" sign into the text fields, it throws the parameter off because of that sign. I need to send my parameters in an HTML link thanks!
  10. Hello All, Is it possible to concatenate two virtual fields into a third virtual field on a submission page? It doesn't seem to be working for me. Thanks Mark
  11. Would this help you? Go to your style, make a copy, then search your source/all in the style and find elementcbSubmitButton and add the property display: none; Assign the style to your page. Then go to your data page and add an HTML field and view the HTML source to add this code. <div align="right"> <input onclick="myFunction()" type="submit" value="Submit" /> -Mark
  12. I was able to get rid of the borders through the style in Wordpress, but now you can't really see the text field borders, so it's hard for a user to know where to click to fill in a field. Update: I think I fixed it by editing the style for the data page and adding a color for the background of the fields Thanks!
  13. I figured out I think the problem is within my WordPress site. For some reason it may be overriding the code and ignoring the button part. If I go in and try to hide the submit button in the Caspio style, it works in the preview but not once it's deployed in the WordPress site. I can PM the site if it helps. Or maybe I need to try and fix it in the page ccs somehow.
  14. hmm, for some reason still doesn't work - the button doesn't go away when I click any of the radio fields. Yes - the virtual field is Virtual3 and I put the code in the footer. Thanks, Mark
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