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  1. In the attached image you can see 4 text fields with labels set to the left and the field entry cell is far to the right. Each text field is followed by a check box field. Is this a Style issue that's causing the spacing? It's only these fields on this datapage. Any suggestions on what I could try and change? Thanks, Rick [attachment=0]spacing_image.jpg[/attachment]
  2. Hi, From a details page, is it possible to allow the user to enter an email address and pass that info into Caspio as the "To" address? When the Update button is clicked the Notifcation email is sent to the new address as opposed to the configued email address. I've read the info on how to configure Notification emails but wondered if the above can be implemented so that any user can send an email to a different email address each time they are at the details page. Thanks, Rick
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