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  1. I've set up a single record update datapage to accept incoming value for email and to update a single field value in that record that matches that email address. I've added this url to Gravity Forms Webhook add-on and everything looks right, but the form never updates the record or sends me notification. I've added auto-submit and the url works if I enter it manually in a browser... https://c0esh132.caspio.com/dp/123456789101112131415/?Email=johndoe@gmail.com ... but the same URL never fires when I call it using the Gravity Form. I've subsituted a requestbin url to test and make sure the proper value is being passed along... and it is. I've also tried doing the same thing with a Zapier Webhook... and again, the caspio form never fires. Help!
  2. Are new styles ever released? I've not seen any new ones released in years. Is there a list published somewhere outside the UI itself?
  3. I see where you can do it for multiple embedded datapages on the same HTML page... but do not see any way the chart page can query a table for changes in data.
  4. Please forgive me if this is a re-hash... but I've searched and not really found a solid answer. Can charts auto-refresh from data changing in the table their are connected to? I'll go to conference and see charts that fluidly change as people enter data into their phones, tablets, audience response devices, etc. Is such a smoothly updating chart possible with Caspio?
  5. Setting a field as unique will prevent users from submitting data that duplicates value in that specific field. Easy enough... but is it possible to flag TWO fields to be unique as a "set" of sorts so say... a specific USERID couldn't submit two reports with the SAME TITLE... but the title field isn't unique because other users might submit a report or purchase a product with the same title? This would prevent a user from submitting the same data twice... by monitoring the USERID _and_ the TITLE field, as an example. Neither is unique in the table design, but no entry into the table could be the same combination of USERID and TITLE. I'm rambling and repeating myself, but wanted to make sure I convey what I'm after.
  6. How can I set a form or report to a transparent background?
  7. Has anyone out there developed a user forum system? I didn't see one offered as a Caspio ready-made-app. If anyone has a good one they'd like to make available, I'd be happy to help support your efforts ($$). If not... I may take this on myself, but I didn't want to re-invent the wheel. Walt
  8. Did this feature ever become active? I cannot find any reference to it.
  9. I've replicated the problem on different Joomla 3.3 sites, including sites with no added plug-ins... only the standard installed stuff.
  10. I have used Joomla for years... and often embed Caspio data inside articles using the standard javascript embed. It works fine as long as I make sure Joomla's settings are such that the scripting is not filtered out. This has worked great up until Joomla 3.3. I have all script filtering turned off, but the embed scripts are not working... giving up just a blank page. Other scripts I've tested work fine... so it's not that Joomla 3.3 won't allow javascript... it's just the Caspio standard embed script. Help! Walt
  11. Simple script... checks a field value... if not blank, it ".writes" the value to HTML... if it is blank, it uses the data from a different field. If the variable value has an apostrophe in it, the whole thing returns a blank string. It obviously breaks the code. There are many reference to this type of thing on the web, but NONE of the solutions I've tried have worked. Below is a sample, including code to escape the apostrophe with a "\" character. Doesn't work... HELP! <script> var X='[@field:Event_Name_Override]'; var Y='[@field:Event_Name]'; X = X.replace(/\'/g, ""); Y = Y.replace(/\'/g, ""); if (X.length>1) { document.write(X); } else { document.write(Y); } </script>
  12. WOT is now telling any user that visits a site using b6.caspio.com as a bad site, with phishing activity. It's a ridiculous result of flagging the entire server as a bad site due to a single caspio report/form, the URL of which they cite at: https://www.phishtank.com/phish_detail.php?phish_id=2044327 Phishtank has deactivated the post, taking it "offline" but you can still see it (but can't respond). WOT continues to use this single inactive report to flag the entire server. If there is ANYTHING you can do to contact WOT and rectify this, it would be MOST appreciated. Walt
  13. Getting the iframe in there isn't the problem... I can use embedded code, as well using PHPDirect plug-in... but problem is for authenticated forms/reports... the browsers refuse to accept the cookies (unless toggled on manually) and therefore the system is basically broken. Frame... but no content seen. Walt
  14. No, the problem is that authenticated forms/reports don't get displayed at all in iframes due to Safari, and now Firefox rejecting cross-domain (3rd-party) cookies. Not sure there is a thing that can be done about it, but it makes using any authenticated forms/reports inside an iframe basically useless. IE doesn't like them either, asking to "Allow all content to be displayed", which many users ignore or don't notice. So basically, I can't have authenticated forms/reports inside Joomla using iframes (wrappers). I have to kick the user out to to a raw (non-embedded, non-iframed) Caspio url. Very clunky. Since this problem seems so rarely discussed here I am hoping I am just dumb and missing some basic rule for using authenticated forms/reports in iframes. I absolutely LOVE Caspio but this problem is becoming a major league headache for me. Walt
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