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  1. I've set up a single record update datapage to accept incoming value for email and to update a single field value in that record that matches that email address. I've added this url to Gravity Forms Webhook add-on and everything looks right, but the form never updates the record or sends me notification. I've added auto-submit and the url works if I enter it manually in a browser... https://c0esh132.caspio.com/dp/123456789101112131415/?Email=johndoe@gmail.com ... but the same URL never fires when I call it using the Gravity Form. I've subsituted a requestbin url to test and make sure the prop
  2. Are new styles ever released? I've not seen any new ones released in years. Is there a list published somewhere outside the UI itself?
  3. I see where you can do it for multiple embedded datapages on the same HTML page... but do not see any way the chart page can query a table for changes in data.
  4. Please forgive me if this is a re-hash... but I've searched and not really found a solid answer. Can charts auto-refresh from data changing in the table their are connected to? I'll go to conference and see charts that fluidly change as people enter data into their phones, tablets, audience response devices, etc. Is such a smoothly updating chart possible with Caspio?
  5. Setting a field as unique will prevent users from submitting data that duplicates value in that specific field. Easy enough... but is it possible to flag TWO fields to be unique as a "set" of sorts so say... a specific USERID couldn't submit two reports with the SAME TITLE... but the title field isn't unique because other users might submit a report or purchase a product with the same title? This would prevent a user from submitting the same data twice... by monitoring the USERID _and_ the TITLE field, as an example. Neither is unique in the table design, but no entry into the table could be
  6. Has anyone out there developed a user forum system? I didn't see one offered as a Caspio ready-made-app. If anyone has a good one they'd like to make available, I'd be happy to help support your efforts ($$). If not... I may take this on myself, but I didn't want to re-invent the wheel. Walt
  7. I am in need of some help with integrating Javascript into some of my apps. I know that the Caspio team will take on custom programming jobs, but these tasks are sometimes very small. Does anyone else out there do freelance Caspio work? I'm not opposed to hiring Caspio's programmers, just was interested in learning all my options. Walt
  8. I have a large table. I want to clear the data from one or more columns. Can this be done through wildcards in search and replace... or other technique? Walt
  9. I have built a quiz system... which I do not want users to be able to submit a given quiz more than three times. Unfortunately, users have figured out they can just click BACK and submit the form as often as they wish. Is there a way to disable the submit button after submission, or to close the form after submission? Walt
  10. What I'm about to ask for is very common in normal coding... one table for demographics... one table for products purchased. I need a report that ends up like this: Buyer Name Buyer Address Buyer Phone - - - - - - - - - - - Item Purchased #1 Item Purchased #2 Item Purchased #3 (and on and on). I understand how to create a view linking two tables by say... BuyerID... but can't figure out how to list the demographics just ONCE and then the products purchased in a report where multiple buyers are listed... each with their demographics, then purchased items below. Help! Walt
  11. Does anyone have an experience building an appointment scheduler, such as for a doctor's office? For the life of me, I'm having trouble figuring out a good approach to this regarding tables, views, etc. Walt
  12. I was very interested to see this thread. Developing RSS feeds for our Caspio reports has been a high priority. After a lot of research and talking to support, it's pretty much impossible without resorting to some crazy PHP cURL coding or such. Luckily, I found a very simple, elegant solution. A bit of a kludge, but it works beautifully. http://www.extralabs.net/ has a $29.95 product called RSS Wizard that can read visible web page content and create a RSS XML document that is then uploaded via built-in FTP functionality. You decide upon tags that demarcate your ITEM elements and have them p
  13. waltmayo

    Sales report

    OK... maybe I'm missing something obvious... but let's say you've got a table with customer records... ie. name, address, phone, etc. Each customer has an ID#. Another table is full of customer orders, with each order linked to the customer ID of the customer who make the purchase. I cannot figure out how to create a report that has the customer's name and demographics at the top of the page, then lists all the orders he or she has placed. This is essence is a report within a report. Creating the search and report giving me the orders for a given customer is easy... but how to I pull the
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