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  1. I have a large table. I want to clear the data from one or more columns. Can this be done through wildcards in search and replace... or other technique? Walt
  2. I have built a quiz system... which I do not want users to be able to submit a given quiz more than three times. Unfortunately, users have figured out they can just click BACK and submit the form as often as they wish. Is there a way to disable the submit button after submission, or to close the form after submission? Walt
  3. What I'm about to ask for is very common in normal coding... one table for demographics... one table for products purchased. I need a report that ends up like this: Buyer Name Buyer Address Buyer Phone - - - - - - - - - - - Item Purchased #1 Item Purchased #2 Item Purchased #3 (and on and on). I understand how to create a view linking two tables by say... BuyerID... but can't figure out how to list the demographics just ONCE and then the products purchased in a report where multiple buyers are listed... each with their demographics, then purchased items below. Help! Walt
  4. Does anyone have an experience building an appointment scheduler, such as for a doctor's office? For the life of me, I'm having trouble figuring out a good approach to this regarding tables, views, etc. Walt
  5. I was very interested to see this thread. Developing RSS feeds for our Caspio reports has been a high priority. After a lot of research and talking to support, it's pretty much impossible without resorting to some crazy PHP cURL coding or such. Luckily, I found a very simple, elegant solution. A bit of a kludge, but it works beautifully. http://www.extralabs.net/ has a $29.95 product called RSS Wizard that can read visible web page content and create a RSS XML document that is then uploaded via built-in FTP functionality. You decide upon tags that demarcate your ITEM elements and have them print to the screen using your Caspio reporting... such as: #item# #title#[@field:Title]#/title# #description#[@field:Body]#/description# #pubDate#[@field:Date~]#/pubDate# #link#http://www.yoursite.com/blogpostnumber.html#/link# #author#John Doe#/author# #category#TechEducation#/category# #/item# ... repeating as needed. RSS Wizard has built-in scheduling so it can sit on some machine and check the Caspio report as often as every minute, read in the text, create the XML file, and then upload it. Many profiles can be created and scheduled to handle multiple RSS feeds concurrently. Walt
  6. This may be very obvious... but it's eluding my ever-aging brain. I have two tables... one defining courses to be presented at a large conference and one defining events such as parties, meetings, meals, etc. There are just a FEW fields in each table that are of common or similar data... namely NAME (of the event or course), DATE, START TIME, END TIME, and LOCATION. Other than that, these tables are VERY different in their structure. I simply need to create a report that lists these common fields as on Calendar of Events, so to speak, listing the courses and events all in one report, sorted along dates and times. This is not really a "join" unless I am missing something. Help! Walt
  7. waltmayo

    Sales report

    OK... maybe I'm missing something obvious... but let's say you've got a table with customer records... ie. name, address, phone, etc. Each customer has an ID#. Another table is full of customer orders, with each order linked to the customer ID of the customer who make the purchase. I cannot figure out how to create a report that has the customer's name and demographics at the top of the page, then lists all the orders he or she has placed. This is essence is a report within a report. Creating the search and report giving me the orders for a given customer is easy... but how to I pull the data describing the customer from his or her profile to place at the top or bottom of the list of orders? Help! Walt
  8. How can I create a new record in a table by passing data to a form and then auto-submitting? I understand how the POST or GET URL needs to be formatted, and how to get the data into the form (sort of), but how do you make it auto-submit? Walt
  9. I was typing too fast... the syntax was not a problem... the resulting link on my page shows a modified destination URL... http://b2.caspio.com/domainname.com ... or something very close to that. Why is it doing that, and how do I work around it? Walt
  10. ... if I put it in an HTML block in a detail page. Help! Walt
  11. This is actually going to be an audience polling system for 1000+ people in an auditorium. All input will be via cell phone. (I guess a few laptops or iPads may give it a whirl). Do smartphones all generate unique IP's..? With each call? I've obviously got an experiment to do. Walt
  12. Thanks, Barbara... interesting ideas. Because I'm building this to be a mobile "poll", I don't think I can ask users to enter much... but you've got me thinking. Greatly appreciated! Walt
  13. That's cool... but not what I was wanting. I'd like to create a poll of sorts... and allow people to vote only once. Anyone can vote... but just once. Walt
  14. Is it possible to restrict a user to a single use of a form? Cookies? IP restriction? Walt
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