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  1. I have a form #1 that passes an ID to form#2. Occasionally, it not only passes the parameter (ID) to the field intended, it also passes the parameter to a field that is not intended. The field it's passing to that is not intended isn't even set up to accept a value. I believe this is a browser issue as I've tried to reproduce the problem and I can't. I'm just noticing it occasionally in my data - maybe 1% of my data but it makes that 1% wrong! Any help or ideas? I've called Caspio and they've checked my code but they couldn't find anything wrong, thanks, Tracie Here's a link to the page and form: http://www.mydirectorymaker.com/ec/upda ... ol_Id=1001 When you hit continue, it passing the school id to the family id on the next page and it shouldn't
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