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  1. I have a results page that displays a series of dates with corresponding measurements for each date with the results being graphed. Rather than use a details page I want to display nonrepetitive data in the results page using javascript. Here is a sample of the script with the field name being "latitude": if('[@field:latitude]' > 0) { document.write(' Latitude: ');document.write('[@field:latitude]'); } This code displays a latitude with only two decimal places rather than the six decimal places of the value contained in the source table. (e.g. latitude 43.760937 is displayed as 43
  2. I can pick the type of date formatting for an ordinary dropdown box containing date/time records with no problem. However, when I populate a date/time dropdown box based on the contents of another dropdown box, then the functionality of selecting the display format is lost and, more to the point, sorting of the dates is based on the month, not year. It sorts based on this format 04/22/1999 rather than 1999/04/22 -- which makes sorting of the most recent to oldest date impossible. The other problem is that the time displays 00:00:00 for all the dates. I would rather not have the time displa
  3. I have several fields (Comments1, Comments2, etc.) that I want to place on a details page. The following statement will write the contents of the field document.write('[@field:Comments1]'); to the details page. I know since it works I should just run with it but... Rather than repeat the document.write statement for each comments field I thought I would use a for (i = 1; i <= 8; i++) statement to save a few lines of code. My problem occurs when reconstructing the name of the comments field each time it needs to be written '[@field:Commentsi]' Here is what I tried: var Comme
  4. I actually used the code from your suggested link to the create the first part of the IF statement. My problem is still figuring out the correct format for the display none part of the statement.
  5. I am trying to remove a field from a details page when the field is empty. I have read several posts seeking similar funtionality but I still have not learned the secret javascript handshake on how to make this work. My understanding is that style.display for a field that is set to "none" means the field will no longer take up space on the details page as opposed to only being hidden. Here is what I have: /* See if Comments1 field contains a value*/ var com1 = '[@field:Comments1]'; if (com1 == '') { "Insert javascript code here to set display of Comments1 field to none" }
  6. I have a search interface and results interface on the same webpage. My search was working at one point and now isn't. To my knowledge I did not change anything that should affect the passing of parameters. I did go off trial to a personal account however. Does anyone know whether there is a limitation on personal pages that would remove the functionality of passing parameters? I didn't see anything indicating that would be the case. I did notice that the "enable advanced options" checkbox is grayed out but the "enable parameters" appears to be active -- any ideas? Thanks.
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