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  1. It's a possibility, but to set up a regular import using an XML file - which is how the supplier provides it - we want to automate the process as much as possible, without the need for file conversions in between.
  2. Does anyone have experience in importing XML files into Caspio. I am trying to import the attached xml file so that we can populate a "Venues" table with a series of venue records, each one having the following fields from the xml file: venueID venueName fullName categoryName venueAddress town county postcode countryCode dialcode phonenumber website email However, this is not working currently and Caspio does not seem to associate the fields for each venue together. Can anyone advise. Many thanks David PA_Venues_Ver2_amendedfrom caspio.xml
  3. We have a conditional input display copied from Java script on this forum. All works well except the data is not getting posted to the table. We have prefaced the field names with InsertRecord but there must be something we are missing. Can anyone help. Here is the code: Click here if this is a free screening Box office £
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