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  1. I am developing a recipe database for a client but unfortunately I can't show any example as the server is locked down by the client. However I will try to explain my problem better. I have 3 search boxes on a page - 1 simple dropdown search by type of meal which searches the recipe table with the results appearing on a different page, plus a 2nd search by recipe name or contributor which again searches the same recipe table and produces results on a different page. (Both these pass the field 'Title' on as the parameter to list the recipes on a separate results page.) However the 3rd searc
  2. I am not sure what I am doing wrong but I have tried everything I can think of and still I can't get one table to read the result of a search and pass a field (comprised of just numbers) to another table to print out the results. The first table is ingredients in recipes, which I want to search through a field called items and have it return multiple matching answers which pass on a parameter (a number or numbers) from field called recipeID (made up entirely of numbers). Then I want the passed parameter (the matching number(s) in the field recipeID) to go into the table called recipes and have
  3. Thanks for your answer, it seems to work well.
  4. Has anyone figured out how to pass more than 1 parameter from a submission form to a report? I have a virtual field that I am using to pass a parameter to a report but I want to be able to pass 2 parameters because I want to be able to search 2 fields in the same table at the same time with only 1 Text Field. I don't think I can use a query string because no one will be entering both fields (just 1 at a time). And because of the restrictions by my client, I cannot have more than 1 Text Field. Is there a way to search 2 fields with that 1 Text Field? Thanks for any help.
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