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  1. bahar_vm: Your simple solution worked perfectly! Thank you...
  2. First, Bahar, thanks for taking the time to review and respond to my issue. I am not a JS programmer, so this is very new to me. I paid someone to do this code, and this was what they provided. I researched the topics you mentioned, and tried to incorporate them on my own to no avail. The app key is 832d1000721e233811cd46639add; however, I became so frustrated, I removed the code completely, and thought I would rework the date situation in FileMaker, in which I am highly proficient, as it would take me all of two seconds to construct a formula to update the deactivation_date automatically. Although this is not a solution I would prefer to use, as it will take away from the seamlessness of working with one application, it seems I may have no other alternative. As a programmer, what I am seeking is not complicated at all, but when you don't know the syntax, it becomes challenging. Caspio wants to charge me $150.00 to provide the code, which I think is outrageous because I am not asking them to develop an application, but to help with what I think should be two or three lines of code. In any event, I will review what you posted, and try my hands at it again, from your perspective. Again, thank you for your support.
  3. I am attempting to insert a new date based on a timestamp field in my datapage. I have an active_date field and a deactive_field. When a user updates a record, I would like 30 days added to the date in the active_date field and store the results in the deactive_field. I had the following code developed, but it doesn't work properly. Any suggestions? FYI, the code is placed in the footer of the datapage. function getDiff() { var v_sDate = document.getElementByName("EditRecordActivation_Date").value; var sDate = new Date(v_sDate); // converting the date in milliseconds var milliSeconds = sDate.UTC(); // adding 30 days to the date milliSeconds = milliSeconds + 2592000000; // converting milliseconds back to date format var dDate = new Date ( milliSeconds ); // converting date to string finalDate = dDate.toDateString(); // storing the value in Deactivation_Date field document.getElementById("EdittRecordDeactivation_Date").value=finalDate; } /* On submitting the webform, the function getDiff is executed */ document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=getDiff;
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