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  1. Is there a way to have a field update with a timestamp only if a certain field has a certain value? Meaning, it will update if the user selects 'Abandoned' from the dropdown, but not if it has 'Declined'. Thoughts?
  2. Upon further testing...I think the title is a bit misleading of the help document. The workflow shown goes as follows.... 1. Create a meeting/appt in Outlook with no attendees but with all other info 2. Save that meeting to an ICS file 3. When adding the calendar appt to your datapage, upload the ICS file. 4. Now when you view your calendar, there is an 'Add to outlook' link to click on. Not sure I understand the purpose of this "common customization". The title of the guide insinuates you can create your meeting in Caspio and create a link that mirrors that appt in Outlook, effectively saving a step for users. Instead, you have to create it in Outlook, save it, then create it in Caspio and upload the file. The link to the ICS file doesn't even open Outlook by default, nor does Outlook treat it as an appt request. It doesn't add it to the calendar or anything. Disappointing result of a feature I thought was going to be a big timesaver...
  3. http://howto.caspio.com/customization/i ... 441-2.html I've read it multiple times and just don't understand how it works...particularly the ICS file portion. How does Outlook know how to translate what Caspio sends? How does it know the subject, time, body, ect? There wasn't a demo or anything...I'm just confused. The help doc seems a bit incomplete on info.
  4. Hey all - I have a calendar that our business developers use to schedule meetings and upload pre and post meeting notes to. There is another page that shows all meetings that have post-meeting notes on. This is done by taking the calendar data and using a predetemined filter that returns all records where the 'notes' field is not blank. This returns all notes for all regions. As this grows in size, I want the user to be able to pick the region from a dropdown before returning results. So, this page needs to use the predetermined filter to cut it down to only records with notes attached, AND the user needs to be able to select the region to view. How do I combine predetermined and user-selected filtering? Is there a different way to do this?
  5. Hey guys - Quick question. I have a calendar table that has a place for 2 files to be uploaded in the details page (one for client prep work, the other for post meeting notes). Is there any way to record a timestamp that instead of timestamping when the record was updated, timestamp when a specific field is updated? The reason is, the main page will be pulling the 10 most recently added files of each type, so I need to be able to isolate each. I fear that I may have to make a separate database for each that timestamps there if this isn't possible. I'd really rather not do that.
  6. Hey all - I'm working on a small project and am looking to make counting of records easier on our admins. Values are typed in quotes below. What we have is a table that has a column of the type of sales activity ("call", "meeting", "event", "conference") and a column that has all of our team's participants that went to that specific activity in one field ("Tim, Jeff, Dana", "Tim", "Roger, Jim, Jeanne", ect). What I'm trying to do is create a reports page...a bunch of fields that essentially say COUNT the number of times an activity cell = "call" AND the participants cell CONTAINS "Jeanne". This then reports on each activity. I'd like the report's content to read like this: Jeanne (# of calls, # of meetings, # of conference, # of events) Tim (# of calls, # of meetings, # of conference, # of events) Dana (# of calls, # of meetings, # of conference, # of events) Roger (# of calls, # of meetings, # of conference, # of events) Am I missing something simple? It's possible to do in Excel...I cant figure out this one...
  7. Hey everyone - I've created a calendar datapage based on a table of information. I've created an Add a Record form which works, but am unclear on how to allow users to look specific records up and edit that information (or delete a record). The online help shows how to have users update their own profile data, but not how to edit data not related to their login. I want the entire calander table to be editable. I have an authentication folder set up with my intended 'Update a Record' datapage inside (it's the only page in there). Inside the folder, I create a ‘Single Record Update Form’ that uses the Calendar table for the data source. The problem is when I click next, there is only one selectable option: ‘Find record through Record Level Security’. Find record though unique ID is not selectable. What am I missing?
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