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  1. I am finding that most of the datapages I am placing on my website are loading in the middle or bottom of the page when deployed from another datapage via the update model, or when using HTML in message display as destination. I am using iframes. Any suggestions on what I might be doing to create this issue, or any on how to make the page load to the top of the datapage every time? I do have the box checked for "Automatically focus cursor on first field" already.
  2. I have four telephone numbers as phone1, phone2, phone3 and phone4. I want to populate radio buttons for user to indicate which is first and 2nd numbers to call in emergency. I am using an update form in multi-page form. Tried to use [@fieldname], [@field:fieldname] but all I get is exactly what I type, not the data in the field.
  3. I can't get concatenation to work on multiple phone numbers on one form - I can only get one group of 4 groups of concatenated phone numbers to work at a time. When I label "var allpositions" with separate numbers (1, 2, 3, 4) only the last one works. When I remove the numbers from the "var allpositions" so they're all labeled the same, then only the first one works. The inserted punctuation (where I've inserted parentheses and spaces into the resultant phone number) do work on in the concatenated field (PH_1, 2, 3 and 4) but it's not pulling in the data from the fields. function concat
  4. :idea: OMG, I am so very very grateful - thanks ever so much! I also changed the last line: document.getElementById("caspioform").onkeyup = upperCase; and now the letters change to capitals as they are typed.
  5. I have a field I want the user to type in in all capital letters. I managed to put a clearing function where the words "TYPE IN ALL CAPS" appear in the box in faint gray and disappear when the box is clicked on, but I'm finding only about 60% of users are paying attention. I've found javascript coding to use when writing form from scratch, but cannot make them work within Caspio. One cool example has letters convert to capitals as they are typed (LOVE THAT) but I don't know enough to convert it to use with Caspio bridge. Any Ideas?? (From w3schools - site: http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/eve
  6. Looks like you're making the same mistake I did by putting your field name every place it says position1, position2 or allpositions. What I learned is that where they appear after the "var" word they are instructions for the coding and should stay put in those locations. Therefore, the only places where you insert your specific field names is within the parenthesis following the phrase = document.getElementById I assume you are using it on an Update form or Search&Report Data Page since you replaced the InsertRecord with EditRecord. Also, if you want a space between the two bits of in
  7. Bahar, thanks for the kind offer I was finally able to get it to work , but the request for incorporating it was a feature still stands!
  8. There are SOOOO many ways that having concatenation as a tool choice within Caspio Bridge would be invaluable ... combining first + last names... combining area codes with phone numbers... putting labels with data. I think it ranks with aggregates & calculated fields, but should be in the Submission and Update forms to create combined fields directly into the database, not just in reports/views. This combining can be done by exporting to excel and re-importing, but that negates a basic value of the Caspio system in that data is automatically updated with each form submission - not the
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