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  1. Good afternoon Jan - Thank you very much for your response. In this situation, I am deploying the datapage as a URL not as a piece of code in another page so I am trying to access the Head of the document from within the Caspio interface. Any suggestions? Best regards, Brad
  2. Has anyone had issues with deploying the Facebook Open Graph meta tags in the Header of a datapage? I placed the core OG tags in the Header of a datapage and then ran the URL through Facebook's Open Graph Object Debugger. I received the following error: "Your page has meta tags in the body instead of the head. This may be because your HTML was malformed and they fell lower in the parse tree. Please fix this in order for the tags to be usable." Does anyone have any insight into this issue? Facebook is taking the Datapage name and treating it as the OG:Title tag rather than the declared
  3. Greetings - I couldn't find a way to connect 2 fields in the drop down box. However, a possibility could be to create a custom value drop down box. The display would be the item and its description. The Item would then be the field.This might work for you if the number of possible items to select is manageable. Attached is a screen shot of how the Caspio edit looks. Best of luck B. Norris http://www.intellestate.com
  4. Hello - What I don't see in the Basic Contact Info (and you may have it, but didn't list it as a field) is a unique ID. Unique IDs are the key to creating views. If your user inputs their personal information first, they can create one. It can never be duplicated, so there is a possibility that someone would try to input the same ID. But the database wouldn't permit it. Or you can auto-generate a unique ID. In either case you need to pass the ID as a parameter to populate a field in the education and job tables when the contact is adding this information. The passed parameters don't have to
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