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  1. Hi, I have a calendar Datapage with events spanning several days. How do we make the event appear every day of between the start & end dates without having to post the event manually for each successive day the event should appear? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the tip, i will check it out. In the mean time I had decided to move this function totally out of Caspio back to my website hosting for image storage and another third party scroller. 2 reasons: 1- The script is inflexible and quirky to configure as is. 2- On my website I am likely to get thousands of views per month. The image slider would have to pull images from Caspio storage. This would mean I would go over my data transfer quota in no time causing me a lot of money in the end.
  3. Hi, Has anyone been able to modify or use another image viewer/slider than the one Caspio proposes here: http://howto.caspio.com/customization/create-an-auto-scrolling-record-viewer.html ? Such as change that quad view to simple horizontal or vertical scroll, loop continuously instead of the rewind at the end, etc... Besides above I need a viewer that can run automatically on load, pause on mouseover, have stop start forward back buttons. Obviously other adjustments should be possible such as view time, vertical or horizontal scroll. Another important feature for me would be a non-Flash implementation for use on I-Pad and devices/browsers not supporting Flash. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the answer. I need a smaller InfoWindow for my mobile web site. Taking 250px on a 320px wide map is too much. If its in Google's hand we are stuck....
  5. Hi, In the last few days I have done some research on the issue. The issue most probably does not involve Caspio directly. The real issue is that Blackberry's browser is a poor implementation of what a browser should be. They recommend in web pages not to use iframes nor this nor that... SOLUTION: For my mobile web site I have a simple line added at the bottom of home page: "If you don't see the pictures, forms or form fields - click here" What I do then is take the to a webpage on my site and suggest they download a "Real Browser" That is opera Mini. It does not support flash, but it supports just about any web coding out there on 6,000 phones. My page has a link. The link takes them to Opera, Opera detects the phone and you download the appropriate browser "Voila" Added benefit: Lightning speed. I installed it on my Nokia C3-00 and its like I'm connected to WI-FI or 3G even though I'm on a regular connection. Installed it on the Blackberry 9630 and an old 2 year old Bold: Its GREAT Other benefit: On my mobile version of Google Mashup, the Nokia browser would load part of it and crash on "out of memory" Important benefit related to Caspio: The submit form on one of my Datapages (passing parameters) now works. So I will not have to sweat it out with Blackberry, Androids, Iphone. I-this, I-that and the other. Message to my web site visitors: Use a universal browser. I stayed away from specific developing "phone apps" for that same reason. Stay universally compatible. My advice to Caspio developers out there don't worry about the specific cell phones. They will all have to eventually get in line and fix their bad browsers. ISSUE RESOLVED, Thanks
  6. Can anybody give me the correct coding to adjust the InfoWindow width on the Google Map Results Page HTML block at the bottom of the Datapage Elements? I guess inserted after: Thanks
  7. Cell phone optimized Website at 320px wide. Works great on my cheap Nokia C3-00 even a Google mashup (well until the little Nokia runs out of memory!!) Nothing is working right on Blackberry Bold, 9630 Tried Frame, Embed no luck All of the above works fine on desktop browsers. Anybody out there with success? how?
  8. Hi, Please read my more recent post detailing the problem further: "Facebook Like - Showing same record" The problem is solved - thanks for offering to help, much appreciated! The other post explain how
  9. This morning I submitted a ticket to Caspio as I was sure I was doing everything OK. They replied a short while ago, correcting the code I was using from the guide (link you provided) "They" have a mistake there. They typed %3D[@UniqueID] in the guide and not %3D[@field:UniqueID] as you correctly indicate as well in your tip. As a novice I have no reason to doubt the "Pros" when they ask me to do something...... I asked that they review the guides. The real pros out there don't need guides and don't need Caspio to develop these apps. But If Caspio wants to sell to the general public and publish guides, they best review the work before they publish. These mistakes can cost them business. Anyway, I want to thank you. Your reply would have been essential in resolving the problem had Caspio not replied to me in time Again thanks.
  10. Hi, Be glad to send you a link by email. Do not want to post this info publicly. Advise email if possible. Thanks
  11. Hi, Thanks for your interest. I cannot post my links publicly. Be glad to send you details by email.
  12. Hi, I have Implemented Mashup w/ Google using Geolocation, works almost 100% -Initial map on search load - OK -Map on Results Page report with Icon pins, click IconDesc, Map-it - All OK -Geolocation by manually obtaining Lat, Long and inputting in table - All OK Problems: Results DETAIL Page: Initial load centers the map, then a self-refresh immediately after load re-centers the map pushing the detail tag and pin at bottom right. Map on Results DETAIL Page often needs a manual refresh as it arbritraly shows a location out of my country (same one)! Wish: Have IconDesc display on MouseOver (instead of OnClick) such as on Caspio Golf Course Directory (that uses Yahoo map)
  13. I have implemented per Caspio guide the FB Like button on the Search and Report Detail Page and then through Facebook being redirected to a new Detailed View with the record detail. (Not using Open Graph) However when we click on the Like link in Facebook, the first time it takes me to the correct record, but if I go back to the Search and Report and click on a different choice item, then when I go to Facebook and click on the new Like it take me to the previous Detail Item. Its stuck there. It also shows as if I had previously Liked the item. Don't know if cookies, or Facebook is not accepting my repeated varied selections. I tried different browsers, tried next day, tried logging into a different Facebook account, tried with my cell phone. Any clues whats wrong
  14. Hi, Please don't forget me here! I still have my unsolved problem pending. My due date is coming soon. So any further help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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