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  1. Thanks for the solution Bahar. That will work perfectly for my purposes, and I should have thought of that myself!
  2. Does anyone know if it is possible in Caspio to set up a system where after a user submits a record through a form, they only have a limited timeframe to edit that record through a report(say 1 week)? I've got a database where I can't allow users to edit historical records. So after a user submits a record, the user has no ability to edit the data - just view it. However, it would be handy if users could have a limited amount of time available to edit data input errors, and not involve a database administrator. I haven't been able to figure out a way of doing it yet. Just wondering if a
  3. Yes, that script works great. Thanks! Also, thanks for explaining why that other code wasn't working for me. The additional mistake I was making was not having "InsertRecord" within the quotation marks with the field name.
  4. I need to duplicate a field that a user inputs within the same form in a hidden field. Parameters don't seem to work for this because it's within the same form. There was a script posted in the forum to do this kind of thing some time ago, but it doesn't seem to work: var temp = document.getElementById("copy from field").value; document.getElementById("copy to field").value = temp; Any ideas on why the script doesn't work, or is there a simpler solution to get done what I am trying to do?
  5. Hello Barbara If I split the data source into two separate columns, by nature I will have blank values. Applying the filter will remove all of my data. Here is the data split into two columns: Date...Number of Points Actual...Number of Points predicted 1/1/2011...5..Null 1/2/2011...4...Null 1/3/2011...3...Null 1/4/2011...Null...2 1/5/2011...Null...1 This data format actually does work to format the chart with two different colours of lines, except fot the fact that null values show up as zeros on the chart, which makes the chart display pretty funny.
  6. Hello, I have a data series similar to the following: Date...Point Type...Number of Points 1/1/2011...Actual...5 1/2/2011...Actual...4 1/3/2011...Actual...3 1/4/2011...Predicted...2 1/5/2011...Predicted...1 I would like to create a line chart with some conditional formatting so that if the row contains an "actual" value, the line displays as one colour while if it contains a "predicted" value it displays a different colour. This doesn't seem to be possible in the settings unless I am missing something. I have tried splitting the data series into two separate columns based on
  7. Yes, LondonCity, that is exactly the scenario for what I am trying to accomplish. I'll give it a try with the two datapages and see if I can get it to work.
  8. While that does give me one record with the most recent date, I unfortunately need one record with the most recent date for each id number present in my source table.
  9. Does anyone know if it is possible to implement a logical operator (i.e. an if/then statement) within a calculated field? It doesn't seem to accept it right now. Alternatively, is there any way for an HTML block to be configured to display a new field that displays the result of an if/then statement?
  10. I am creating a tabular summary report. The data source has list of dates with some other data fields and a corresponding ID number. I would like the report to just display one record for each ID number - the one with the most recent date - but the method to do this escapes me. There are a lot of different ways to filter data (i.e. http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/creat ... types.html) but a 'maximum' or 'latest' criteria does not appear to be in there in terms of filtering either in reports or views. I thought of using a maximum aggregation within the data display, but all that does
  11. Thanks bahar and londoncity for the replies and suggestions. They both sound like excellent strategies for implementing what I am trying to accomplish. Just have to decide which one to implement now... I kind of like the javascript solution because then I can just have one standard 'change password' datapage that all users utilize, not just those logging in for the initial time. Thanks again.
  12. I'm trying to set up the situation described in the first post right now, where a randomly generated password is sent to a new user. I am using an encrypted password field type, but it won't allow me to assign an autovalue to the password. It works if I use a text field for the password, but then the password isn't hidden from administators. Does anyone know if it is possible to auto-generate a password when using the password field type? If not, what other strategies have people used for first time users to gain access to their accounts (when set up by an administrator). Is it possib
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