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  1. Raurie

    Accessing files

    One of the fields in my table is a hyperlink to articles which members would like to be able to download and print. Please could you show me how to enable this? Thanks Raurie
  2. Hi, Could you explain how I could use Localisations? Thanks Raurie
  3. I have 4 tables with one to many relationships to one table. How do I use selected fields from all four tables in my searchable form? e.g. I would like two fields from table1, two fields from table 2, 1 field each from table 3 and table 4 so that the searchable form will have Articles title(table1), Date of Publication (table1), Author Name and Surname (Table2), Category (table3), subcategory (table4). Is this achievable? Thanks Raurie
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