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  1. Does anyone know if it's possible to customize the wording of an error message? I created a survey that requires a unique ID. After a lesson has been taught, the teacher receives an email with a link to the survey and the ID is passed as a parameter in the link. That all works fine. If, for some reason, the teacher tries to submit a survey using the same link, the message appears "duplicate values are not allowed." which is exactly what is supposed to happen. What i would like is for the message to be more specific, as in "You have already completed the survey for this lesson. Duplicate submissions are not allowed."
  2. I have set up a calendar report with multiple records on each date. Some of the entries have pending status, others are scheduled. I would like the pending records to have the status field's font color as red. This would make it much faster to find lessons that need to be scheduled. I cannot schedule the same lesson at the same time for different teachers, so there is a lot of juggling involved. The calendar view is critical so we can easily see the other lessons for the same day and week. The field name is LessonStatus, the value of field is either archived, cancelled, scheduled or pending Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  3. I figured it out... using javascript I retrieved the value of the start date and assigned it to the field for the requested date. Then the popup calendar has the correct month and year.
  4. Does anyone know if it's possible to specify the month and year of a field that uses the calendar popup? In my submission form, users request a lesson and specify a date and time. The lessons are offered only during a certain time period (which varies depending on the lesson), so I have two cascading dropdown fields that display the start and end dates that the lesson is offered. Instead of clicking through 3-5 months ahead of the current date, I'd like the calendar pop up to start on the month and year that the lesson is offered. Thanks!
  5. Figured it out! I modified script I found in another reply to include checking for the day. My script checks that the date is after today, and it is not a Saturday, Sunday or Monday. function checkStart() { var v_sDate = document.getElementById("InsertRecordBooking_Date").value; var sDate = new Date(v_sDate); var nDate = new Date(); nDate = Date.now(); var setToday = sDate.getDate() + 1; sDate.setDate(setToday); var setDay = sDate.getDay(); if (sDate<nDate) { alert("Your requested lesson date is before today."); return false; } else { if (setDay == 0 || setDay == 1 || setDay == 2) { alert("Your requested lesson date is a Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Please choose a new date."); return false; } } } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=checkStart;
  6. In my submission form, the user selects a date for a lesson. I would like to use javascript to check that the date selected is not a Monday, Saturday, or Sunday. Can anyone help? It would be great if the script also checked that the date is not in the past. I've been sifting through all sorts of JS, and I know it must be possible, but I'm a newbie. Thanks for your help.
  7. The web submission form I created uses both the acknowledgement email and the notification email. I would like the notification email to go to different emails based on where the submission originates. I tried putting a field name in the "to" box, but caspio won't accept it. This is what I'd like to happen: teacher A is from school district 1 and submits a lesson request. The acknowledgement email goes to the teacher and the notification email to the coordinator in district 1 teacher B is from school district 2 and submits a lesson request. The ack. email goes to the teacher and the notification email goes to the coordinator in district 2 Is this possible? Thanks
  8. In one of my submission forms, users are allowed, but not required, to select an alternate date. In the acknowledgment email, I'd like to hide the alternate date details if one isn't selected. Is this possible? Thanks!
  9. I'd like to display the value of a cascading drop down as text. My submission form allows the user to select a lesson from a list. Once the lesson is selected, I would like to display the lesson description below it. I use a cascading drop down to get the description, but it only shows the first part of the description because it's a drop down. I need to display the full text, which varies from 350-600 characters. I think I need to use document.getElementsByName and assign it to a variable, then display that variable. But, I'm not a JS programmer. Attached is a screen shot of what my form looks like. It allows the teacher to select a lesson then request a time and day for the lesson to be taught. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Have you had any luck with this? I want to do something similar. My submission form is set-up so a teacher selects an art lesson from a cascading drop down box that is specific to the teacher's grade level. I would like to include a description of the lesson. I can display it as another drop down, but the text can be lengthy and it would be great to be able to display this as a text area instead. Ideally, it would also be display only.
  11. I figured it out... completely by trial and error. The parameter needs to be passed to the next page in order to format it.
  12. It's now more complicated. In a submission data page I allow the user to enter a start date and end date which passes virtual parameters to a second data page and filters the results so the user only sees records that fall within their specified range. And if the start date specified is before today, I would like it to over-ride their input and have the start date as today. But...the user is not required to enter a date range. In this case, all records that meet other optional criteria are displayed. The kicker is that I want to restrict those records to only those that are from today forward. They shouldn't see records from yesterday or last month. I suspect I have to use javascript, but I'm a newbie and am having trouble understanding how to use the new date() object. Help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Why does the value of a formatted date field not reset when used in emails? Here's my example: After inputting my search criteria, the results page displays 3 records. I want to send emails to all 3 records. To check the data, I have both an unformatted and formatted date fields in the text. I select the first record which has the date 09/12/2011. On the detail listing I have a checkbox that says "reminder email sent" so I know I've sent the email. After I check the box, I update the record and the acknowledgement email is sent and has the unformatted date written as 09/12/2011 and the long date Monday, Sept 12, 2011. That's correct. The second record I select has a field with the date 9/17/2011. The acknowledgement email will display the unformatted date correctly as 09/17/2011 but the long date remains Thursday, Sept 15, 2011 instead of Saturday, Sept 17, 2011. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? The Caspio how-to documentation is hard to navigate and what I have found is not very helpful. thanks
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