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  1. Caspio confirmed that a trigger needs to be set on the back-end. They also want a ridiculous amount of money to set it up (we are a non-profit with a very limited budget). We will be going the "manual" route by setting up a separate data page to generate a custom email. Fortunately, this is only for 20-30 records a week.
  2. I figured it out... the original var x = document.getElementByID("EditRecordName1").value; the correct format var x = document.getElementsByName("EditRecordName1")[0].value; Added an /s/ to element and changed /ID/ to /Name/ and added at the end [0]. Not sure what the [0] actually means, but it works!
  3. Is it possible to combine the results of drop downs? When I use var x = document.getElementById("EditRecordFieldName1").value; var y = document.getElementById("EditRecordFieldName2").value; var bothnames = x + y; and the input types are set to TEXT, I get the result I want. If I change it to a drop down that references a look-up table then I get no result. Is there a different way to access the value? Thanks!!
  4. Is it possible for Caspio to auto-generate an email based on date? Or at a minimum, batch process them by date instead of selecting each record individually to submit an update that will send an acknowledgment email?
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