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  1. That's perfect, bahar_vm! Many thanks to everyone who assisted in slaying THE BEAST.
  2. Thanks ShWolf, this is wonderful! One problem though; it doesn't work on my cascading dropbox. I'm a JavaScript novice but I believe it's due to the fact that this field's ID changes each time the form loads. For example: • First page load: id=“InsertRecordRequest_Response_4332B26195A†• Second load: id=“InsertRecordRequest_Response_90423A84B48†• Third Load: id=“InsertRecordRequest_Response_5DR3956C930†I tried using getElementsByName since the field's name seems to stay consistent but I had no luck/skill with that. Do you know if this can be overcome? This is my last hurtle to completing this form. Thanks again!
  3. I'm not able to dynamically collapse a section even though I've been referring to these Caspio instructions : http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips/creat ... tions.html I have a cascading dropdown box called 'Request_Response' and it has only two possible selections, 'Yes' and 'No'. When the user selects 'Yes', I want a contact section to appear on the same datapage for them so that they can add their email/phone info. By default, the section will be hidden. Unfortunately, I am not able to make this work. For the record, I can make a button that hides the same section (as described by the Caspio page above). I have named the email/phone section as 'Section1'. Here's the Javascript I have in the footer: <script> var check = document.getElementById('Section1'); if('[@Request_Response]' == 'Yes') { check.style.display='inline'; } else { check.style.display='none'; } </script> I have tried inserting other fields and values into the Javascript but no luck. Thanks is advance!
  4. I'm using a DataPage as a survey. I would like to be able to modify the recipient of the notification email based on how the respondent fills out the survey. If the customer submits feedback on a specific department/location, I'd like the notification email to go to an email address associated with that location. For example, if the survey is for the office in Chicago, the email will go to chicago.office@fakeemail.com, rather than it going to a single catch-all email address for all locations. Is this possible? Also, but less importantly, can the notification email ONLY be sent if the respondent selects "yes" from a Yes/No field?
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