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  1. I have tried searching the forums, and can't seem to figure this out. How do I get the CSS styles placed in the header to change just one field? For example, if I have a field titled "GA_Campaign", the ID for that field seems to be putting a random string of characters at the end (i.e. InsertRecordGA_Campaign_04660113417). However, that random string of numbers changes each time the data form is reloaded. How would I set it so that the border for that field is 0px?
  2. With the recent update, we got a bunch of different form elements that can be cascading and populate based on a selection in another field. However, "Text Area" or "Memo" fields are missing. Is there a way to get longer text fields to display based on a prior selection? I am looking to have the selection on a prior field display a virtual field with data from a look up table that provides some instructions that will be longer than a standard Text Field. Any suggestions?
  3. There is probably an easy way to do this, but basically I want to have the value of Field A that is received parameter (from the URL) result in setting the value for a Field B and Field C, which would only be displayed fields. I can basically recreate this by making Field A a down and then setting Field B and Field C as Cascading Drop-downs (where each passed value for Field A only has one option for B & C). However, that leaves Field A editable by the user. I guess my question is whether I can: A) Create the same effect with display fields, where the received value for Field A can be used to set the value for the display field values for Fields B and C or If I keep them as cascading dropdowns, can someone point me in the direction of how to format them so that they do not look like dropdowns, such that the values of each just look like locked displayed values? Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. We are noticing a delay in loading every page on our site since deploying the Caspio forms on the sidebar of every page. We used to have an HTML form that fed the results to a second page where additional questions were answered, and the pages loaded quickly. Since deploying the Caspio form, there is a slight delay while loading the page while it gets the form from Caspio. Is there an alternative to using the javascript for the sidebar forms? Is it possible to have an HTML form that would pass the information to a second page where the caspio form would receive it? As an alternative, is it possible for the Caspio database to receive data from a Wordpress plugin like GravityForms? If so, could I use GravityForms for the sidebar form, which would then save the information to Caspio with a unique field that could be used to retrieve that information on the second page form, which would be a Caspio form? Any suggestions would be appreciated, as site speed is an important ranking factor and Caspio is definitely slowing our site down. Thanks
  5. I figured out that the problem was that one of those fields was radio buttons. By changing it to a drop down it works. Any suggestions on how to get this to work with radiobuttons? I am assuming they need to be referrenced in a different way?
  6. I am hoping someone can see a clear error in this code and help me. I am putting this script in the footer of the details page on a "Search and Report" DataPage. I am hoping to have and If... then statement where (a) if Field_A is set to the value "Pending", then Field_B has a value of "Incomplete", or ( if Field_A is set to the value "Done", then Field_B has a value of "Complete". Otherwise, there will be no change made to Field_B. Here is what I have: function checkstatus() { var a_status = document.getElementById("EditRecordField_A").value; var b_status = document.getElementById("EditRecordField_B").value; if (a_status == 'Pending') { b_status = 'Incomplete'; } if (a_status == 'Done') { b_status = 'Complete'; } document.getElementById('caspioform').onsubmit=checkstatus;
  7. It appears that the extreme slow down resolved over night. Is there anything that we can do when this happens? Also, even at "normal" speed the data page deployed in the sidebar slows down the page load speed by 5 seconds or so. Any tips to try to speed that up? Can the forms be posted in a way that avoids this?
  8. We have deployed a Caspio DataPage contact form in the side bar of every page of our site (a Wordpress site). I noticed an immediate slow down in the speed of the page loading, as it is "waiting for b3.caspio.com..." I understand this is the time it takes for the javascript to grab the form from Caspio. However, is there a way to avoid this? While it has been slow since we started using it, this evening there is at least a 30 second delay while the browser spins away waiting to load the rest of the page. Any thoughts?
  9. The only page in this set up that is a Caspio DataPage is the contact form. The other pages are just regular pages. I have cleared the browser and after setting up links to that Caspio Datapage on a variety of different places, it still fills that field as the DataPage Host URL.
  10. Let me double check everything again on my end... is it possible that you have some Javascript on the datapage where you are using this, which is working with that to make it get the prior page? Right now I have it deployed on a closed site, but if it still doesn't work after clearing all of my browsing history and making sure everything is set correct, I will deploy it on an open page so you can maybe help me trouble shoot... Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the quick response..... that appears to be setting the value to the same thing I get when I choose Form Element=AutoValue, AutoValueType=DataPage Host, with the option for "complete URL". What I am hoping to achieve is to get the URL of the page the visitor was on BEFORE they landed on the page where the DataPage is deployed. For example, if the DataPage is on a generic contact us page, I would like to know what page of the site they were on before they clicked through to that contact form so I have some indication what generated the inquiry. Hopefully there is some other code similar to this that will accomplish that.
  12. I know that there is an Auto Value field within Caspio Bridge to capture the URL for the datapage, but is there a way to capture the referring URL that led the user to that DataPage? This would be similar to the PHP command $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] If we have a contact form on a page http://www.domain.com/contact.htm, we would like to know what page the visitor came from to land on that contact form. For example, I would like to have a hidden field on the Caspio DataPage for "Referrer" that would display "http://www.domain.com/page.htm" if that is the page they were on before going to the contact.htm page. Using PHP forms, we could use HTTP_REFERER to capture that information and add it to a hidden field. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply... I have seen that article and have got the cascading listboxes working as described in that article. The additional step I can't figure out is how to have additional display fields that show information from the other fields in that same record in the lookup database. Such that if the food group and specific food are chosen, I would like additional fields elsewhere on the form to be populated with information.
  14. Can anyone help me with how I can use the results of a cascading listbox to fill in other fields? For example, lets say we are using a lookup table that contains four columns. The first has the type of food (ie Fruit, Vegatable, etc). After the type of food is selected in the first list box, the second list box provides various versions of that food (ie Apples, Bananas, etc.). Then within that table each of those food items has two other fields with information associated with the product (i.e. one may indicate the price and another a description of the product). After the cascading listboxes are selected for "Fruit" and "Vegatable", how do I get it to automatically fill in the values for the Price and Description field? I assume this involves Javascript and would really appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction on this. Thanks!
  15. I am new to Caspio and trying to figure out if there is a way to scroll through the detail forms of records returned in a search. For example, if you do a search and it returns 10 records and you click thru to view the details page of the first record, after making a change or update and hitting save, is it possible to proceed to the next record? Or is there a way to get "Next" and "Previous" buttons rather than going back to the search list.
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