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  1. I think I found an answer to my own problem. I' had a userid that was more than 8 characters long. When I changed the id to 8, everything worked. I'm assuming a lookup string is created with a pointer, the code probably assumes a pointer with offset count of 8. This is a bug for sure. Please look at internal code. Joe
  2. I have a table used to authenticate access. For some reason, I currently have 24 users and it works. The problem is I'm trying to add more and the id/password doesn't work for the new users. What am I doing wrong? Is there a restriction as far as how many users you can have???
  3. I want to create 3 tables. One with the customers purchase order, another one with the job or jobs associated with the purchase order. Another table with exceptions/issues related to each job. FIrst, I want to be able to show my customer their PO list. Included in list, I want to show a count of how many jobs are associated with PO. For example, PO # 12345 can have JOB1, JOB2 and JOB3. The customer will only see the number 3 and if you click on it, it would take you to another report listing the individual jobs. Same thing for exceptions. Each job may have multiple issues, for example "
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