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  1. I think I found an answer to my own problem. I' had a userid that was more than 8 characters long. When I changed the id to 8, everything worked. I'm assuming a lookup string is created with a pointer, the code probably assumes a pointer with offset count of 8. This is a bug for sure. Please look at internal code. Joe
  2. I have a table used to authenticate access. For some reason, I currently have 24 users and it works. The problem is I'm trying to add more and the id/password doesn't work for the new users. What am I doing wrong? Is there a restriction as far as how many users you can have???
  3. I want to create 3 tables. One with the customers purchase order, another one with the job or jobs associated with the purchase order. Another table with exceptions/issues related to each job. FIrst, I want to be able to show my customer their PO list. Included in list, I want to show a count of how many jobs are associated with PO. For example, PO # 12345 can have JOB1, JOB2 and JOB3. The customer will only see the number 3 and if you click on it, it would take you to another report listing the individual jobs. Same thing for exceptions. Each job may have multiple issues, for example "MISSING PRODUCT", "WRONG SIZES", etc. I want the customer to look at the job, see an exception count and be able to click on it to see a detail table. Help! BTW, I understand the concept of building table relationships. What I need are the actual steps/code to take it happen. Report 1 PO JOBS 12345 3 "here I click on number 3 and see the following report: Report 2 JOB EXCEPTIONS JOB1 3 JOB2 1 JOB3 0 Here, I click on number 2 for JOB1 TABLE 3 EXCEPTION MISSING PRODUCT WRONG SIZE INCOMPLETE PRODUCT
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