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  1. sknight

    SEO deployment

    I understand. But my sitemap would need a link to each details page, because the search engines will only index the first page. So if I have a table with Details links, the search engines will not follow those links and index the details pages. (Right?)
  2. sknight

    SEO deployment

    I've read the SEO Deployment Best Practices. It look to me like if I want Details pages indexed separately I need to individually create a link to each details page. Am I missing something?
  3. (In Office Green) My Results pages fill 100% of the screen, but my Search and Details pages do not. In the Style settings, the Form "Container Width" is set to 100% and the margin is 0px. How can I get the Search form and Details pages to fill 100% of the available screen?
  4. I am using cascading dropdowns on a search form (Country/State/City). I use a custom entry for "-- Any --" and leave the value blank. I want the forms to ignore an "any" (blank) entry and not filter based on that value. Instead, when a dropdown is set to "any" (blank), the dependent dropdown shows only entries that have no value for that parameter. For example, if I select Country="USA", State="-- Any --", the City dropdown shows only entries with a City value, but no State value. I would expect it, instead, to show all cities for entries in the USA.
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