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  1. HongTaiLang's post in Extract Day Of The Week From Date was marked as the answer   
    Try the following code to get the day automatically if the date is selected from a submission form
    Remember to change the element id "InsertRecordFieldNameofDate" and "InsertRecordFieldNameofDayName"
    <script> function myFunction() { var sub_date = document.getElementById("InsertRecordFieldNameofDate").value; var d = new Date(sub_date); var weekday=new Array(7); weekday[0]="Sunday"; weekday[1]="Monday"; weekday[2]="Tuesday"; weekday[3]="Wednesday"; weekday[4]="Thursday"; weekday[5]="Friday"; weekday[6]="Saturday"; var x = weekday[d.getDay()]; document.getElementById("InsertRecordFieldNameofDayName").value = x; } document.getElementById("InsertRecordFieldNameofDate").addEventListener("change", myFunction); </script>
  2. HongTaiLang's post in How To Make A Page Open At The Bottom After Loading? was marked as the answer   
    You can make the link to a specific position by using An anchor URL --points to an anchor within a page (like href="#top")
    1. Add Header/Footer in the Configure Results Page Fields 
    2. Add <div> tags around Header and Footer
    For example: in Header      <div id="anchorname">
                          in Footer       </div>
    3. Add JS code to point the Caspio page when results page is loaded. 
    in Footer, after </div> tags
    <script> window.onload= function() { location.href="[@cbHostURL]#anchorname"; } </script> Please note the anchorname is the same as the id. 
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