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  1. Hi please help... I need to have calculations done instantly on this form to gather the totals... Thank you in advance! Paul
  2. Ahhhaaaa! I figured out a script that works... :wink:
  3. It seems that the limit of the number of calculated fields within one data page is 10. Is this in fact true? If so, is there any way to create more calculated fields? Reason: I have a datapage where there might be up to 20 entries on one page. I am "calculating" the Revenue fields... Any help is much appreciated as always!! Paul :?:
  4. I study my projects deeply already. Thanks for the suggestion though. I also went into "authentication" to set only one user. That didn't work. I will continue my efforts and as always welcome any thoughts / suggestions. Paul
  5. Good question.. I'm interested in this answer as well ! - Paul
  6. I have had a couple of issues with one of my Datapages. In theory, it is quite simple really. A worker “pulls a file number†and inputs the date. The next worker gets the next number. ETC ETC… What has happened twice is somehow 2 different employees end up with the SAME number. Yet, on my table for this it only shows ONE of them pulled the number. My datapage for this is “Pull_File_Number_Web_Form†and my table is called “Pull_File_Numberâ€.. I was wondering how two different people are coming up with the same number?? One solution I can think of that would remedy this is to allow only ONE user at a time on that particular Data Page…. ( Problem is…. I don’t know how to do that ! ) Please help, Paul
  7. Interesting. I think I might use this one as well. :wink:
  8. Good question... I was wondering the same. My workaround for this is to download it (csv) and then open and save in excel. ( It is a couple of extra steps but no biggie ) Paul
  9. plance

    Input Form Issue

    Thanks for the quick reply nkamalan I figured it was exactly that... Thank you for confirming
  10. plance

    Input Form Issue

    Hello everyone, I have a db where the user inputs "shipments information". This db contains a random unique id. Two questions / concerns: 1. If I am NOT logged in to Caspio on my pc then the Input form does not work. I am confused on this one because I thought the db is "in the cloud"... 2. Once I do log in the Form will not work correctly until I click on "Cancel" on the automatic pop up that appears. ( see attached photo ) Of course, I click on "dont show this window again" --- but that doesn't help. Any help / advice would be appreciated as always. :? Paul
  11. Hmmm.. Interesting. Thanks for the advice. Since ( for obvious reasons ) I don't have access to the server level... I better increase my javascript capabilities huh? LOL Fortunately, the db is perfect other than that... Anyway, thanks again. Paul
  12. Thanks Napolean! I am going to check out those today! Paul
  13. I apologize for the interjection TIA... But this is to the "monitor" of this forum. Please get rid of "user faizdasl". We don't need SPAM ADS on our posts!!! Thanks, Paul
  14. Hello again! Thought it would be helpful to add this screenshot as well. Thanks! Paul
  15. Hello, Please see the screenshot as requested. Thanks in advance, Paul
  16. Hello, I currently have a db that uses 9 diff prefixes and then a random unique number. When a staff member enters / submits the form everything works fine except the FIRST time they do this per day. So for example, their first entry would look like 12-3- on the table. It should look like 12-3-42516325.... I have to go back into the table and put in my own "random" number when this happens. Any advice would be helpful and much appreciated! ~ Paul
  17. Thanks for the advice.... I have looked at that option as well.
  18. After further research, Caspio doesn't have a Unique Random ID for less than 8 digits set up. As a work around --- I have created another field on my primary table that took care of my issue.
  19. Hello, Can anyone tell me how to basically customize the number of digits possible on a random unique id for Human use? For example, right now the lowest amount of digits AFTER a prefix is set to 8. I need it to be the prefix... and then only FOUR digits ... So final result would be 12-1-1234 ( 12-1- is the prefix ) Thank you in advance, Paul
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