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  1. Does anyone have any great ideas on how to get a cascading dropdown to sort on something other than its value? Here is the problem: I have a view of Courses that my cascading dropdown looks up to. It shows the following Course abbreviations in a listbox: SMR 06/10 SMR 07/09 SMR 07/12 I want the dropdown to sort on Start Date (which is present in the view) rather than Course abbreviations. It must, however, search on Course abbreviations, so in the widget, Display and Value must be set to Course abbreviation. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. I have a search for students who have taken course a or course b. If they have taken both course a and course b I get to records for them on the results page. Is there any way to get only one...in other words, get unique records? or enable the grouping? Thanks!
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