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  1. I have an custom HTML page with 4 embedded Iframes to create a tabbed page on my website. Is there a way that the data, that is updated on page 1 will then reflect on the data that page 2 or 3 ect will show without the user having to refresh the page or log out and back in again, for example a user logs in to see what jobs he has quoted for on page 1, user updates a drop down to say successful, when the update is pressed it dissapears from the quoted page, which is fine, but does not appear on the successful page until the user logs back in or refreshes Thanks Derek
  2. flashcz

    Hiding Emails

    Hi I have a hidden field on a submission form that is populated with email addresses based on a users selection from a drop down box then once the form is submitted emails are sent out, is there any way to hide who the emails are going to as all the recipients can see who is getting the email Thanks Derek
  3. Hi there thanks for the reply while im getting quite good with caspio im stll a bit new to Parameters could you put in a bit simpler terms Thanks
  4. Hi Im having a few problems with my table relationships I have a number of forms which are used for a Jobs database The customer goes on line to post a job the job is the automatically emailed to all the relevant trades i.e. a plumber, the first 3 that reply get entered in to my jobs table quote 1, quote2 ,quote 3 this is done manually at the moment. I then have another table which has a list of all my trades people they have to log in via the web site but i need them only to see the jobs they have quoted for, i can do this if i only needed 1 quote by RLS so the user would see their own information but i cant work out how to have a user logging in via an authentication table then only to see the records that have their email in the quote field Thanks Derek
  5. flashcz

    Approve users

    HI there can anyone tell me how configure Caspio so that after a user creates an account they are only allowed to login if my approved field is checked. Thanks Derek
  6. flashcz

    Email and Images

    So simple thanks
  7. flashcz

    Email and Images

    Just an add on I dont want to attach an image but have it displayed in the body of the email i have tried using an href link but the image does not show Thanks Derek
  8. flashcz

    Email and Images

    Hi does any one know if I can insert images in to auto emails Thanks Derek
  9. flashcz

    Check boxes

    Hi Im looking for a way to hide a check box on the details page, I have a search page when a user selects various options on the search page from 10 check boxes. Lets say he selects 3 options he would like to see which values are yes, but the other 7 are displayed on the details page, I would like to see only the check boxes that are marked as yes. Thanks Derek
  10. Thanks dont know how i missed that as i have auto emails set up on my submissions forms
  11. Hi I want to send the results of a report ie the details page,to an email address which would be selected via a drop down box. Thanks Derek
  12. Hi I want to send the results of a report ie the details page,to an email address which would be selected via a drop down box. Thanks Derek
  13. flashcz


    Hi there thanks for that and yes I did try the tutorial but did not seem to work on the report as the tutorial is for a form, but I will try again and let you know. Derek
  14. flashcz


    Hi there thanks for that it was helpful but its after a user has updated a report, this is a jobs database and when the user logs in the see the jobs they have pending, when they update the status of the job to "Complete" I want to send them to another website for payment eg PayPal the have several options to choose from but its only when the select Complete (Not just pressing the update button after any change, only on the criteria I mentioned) that I want them to be sent to the other website, can this be done from a report? Thanks Derek
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