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  1. Is there any way to have it on the same line as the field? I have a single-field text search and I'd like to have the button simply to the right of the field.
  2. I have a knowledge base application. I would like proactively improve this by recording in a database if the search returned zero results. I'm already saving the time/date and search string... how can I add whether results were returned to the user or not?
  3. Thanks... I was aware of that, so let me add the other wrinkle -- I have the details link set as an icon. When I use another field, it will only show the link, regardless of the fact I have the stylesheet set to display an icon. So I guess my new question is, how can I display a details/field link as an icon?
  4. Hi, On my search results page, I'd really like the ''details" field to be the first column, rather than the last. Is there a way to do this without creating a dummy field. If not, what is the preferred way to accomplish this? Thanks!
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