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  1. In fact with a little more detective work and light bulb going on inside my head I have managed to resolve the issue myself. For those who maybe interested the answer is below:- The answer really was not so much in VBA, but how to manage variables in SQL statements, once I understood this a quick internet search provided the answer. obj.wsm_UpdateData TextBoxAccountId.Value, TextBoxProfile.Value, TextBoxPassword.Value, _ TextBoxTableName.Value, False, "Trl_No", TrailerNoField, "route = '" & RouteField & "'" Seem to have save myself $150 minimum in Caspio developer support charges. So worth the extra effort. Regards Simon
  2. Due to the delay in having access to Mass Update through Caspio. I'm appealing to you to please answer my one remaining question in setting up a temp Web services solution using VBA in Excel 2007. I have used the Caspio API examples & documentation for VBA and changed the code to create an update API call and it works. The only issue I have is that I would like the value list & part of the criteria to be a variable it works with fixed values. But I can't seem to get it to work with variables, I don't mind if it's a cell reference or a form text box in Excel. The following works with fixed valuesobj.wsm_UpdateData TextBoxAccountId.Value, TextBoxProfile.Value, TextBoxPassword.Value, TextBoxTableName.Value, False, "Trailer_No", "'CSU12345'", "Route = 'ABC'" This doesn't work with variablesobj.wsm_UpdateData TextBoxAccountId.Value, TextBoxProfile.Value, TextBoxPassword.Value, TextBoxTableName.Value, False, "Trailer_No", TextBoxTrailer_No.Value, "Route = TextBoxRoute.Value"I've tried numerous variants with () or '' or "" combinations Please Help, if I can make this work I can wait longer for the Mass updateBest Regards
  3. I'm not getting any error messages. It just doesn't seem to be triggering. I have made a copy one example page and placed it in a non authenticated folder. http://b5.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=6a0b2000163d9e048daa4e669135 Regards Simon
  4. I'm having some issues with Javascript in Firefox 18.0.2, the script works perfectly well in IE7. But fails to fire or report any issues in Firefox Web console. I've searched the internet and tried a few things. An example of the many scripts that doesn't work is pasted below. If anyone can help me on this you will save my sanity. Appologies in advance for the lack of commenting it's one of my many weak points. document.getElementById('InsertRecordflow').onfocus = function(){ var x = document.getElementsByName('InsertRecordPlant_Id')[0].value; //var auto = document.getElementById('InsertRecordDocNo').value; Thank you in advance Simon var d = new Date(); var curr_date = d.getDate(); var curr_month = d.getMonth() + 1; //months are zero based var curr_year = d.getFullYear()+""; var curr_year_split = curr_year.substring(2,4) var joint = curr_year_split + curr_month + curr_date; document.getElementById('InsertRecordYear').value = curr_year; //var IntegerCount = parseInt(auto)+1; //var StringCount = IntegerCount + ""; // Assemble and populate PUS No document.getElementById('InsertRecordDocNo').value = x + joint + "-"; // Retrieve route prefix var routeprefix = document.getElementById('InsertRecordroute').value // Retrieve route suffix var routesuffix = document.getElementById('InsertRecordsuffix').value // Populate Full Route Field document.getElementById('InsertRecordFull_Route').value = routeprefix + routesuffix ; // Populate Full Routes Field document.getElementById('InsertRecordFull_Routes').value = routeprefix + routesuffix ; document.getElementById('InsertRecordYear').value =curr_year; };
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