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  1. Hi Jonathan, Thank you for the confirmation. This is probably a longer explanation than you asked for, but here it goes. This is what I want to do: I use DataHub to export a view with sales data to Google Drive. Then I want to perform a few simple calculations on this data. For example I aggregate the data per month. This is where I need year(a2), but also month(a2). Then I want to use a feature in Google spreadsheet that creates a gauge to show sales during the current month. I know that there are people who argue against gauges as being an inefficient way to display data, but our sa
  2. Hi! I am exporting a view to excel. When I try to perform the operation year(a2) on a date, then I get an error saying that the cell contains text and not a date. I.e. it seems that a date i Caspio is not exported as a date to excel. Regards Bjorn
  3. This is for a submission form. I would like to use no label, and instead have a placeholder-label within the text field. I know I can do this by assigning a static value under Advanced. My problem is that when the user clicks in the text field, then the text is still there. I would like it to disappear. Is this possible? I'm really grateful for any help. Bjorn
  4. Thanks! Actually all the information is here: http://howto.caspio.com/authentication/ ... ntication/ I thought I'd memorized it, but not quite. :wink:
  5. I have a table with two columns: Sales_Date and Status I'd like to create a stacked bar chart showing the number of sales each month, and were the bar is divided into the different statuses. I have two problem: 1. Can I even create stacked bar charts? 2. Can I create multiple series from the one series status? I'd greatly appreciate any help Thanks /Bjorn
  6. I'd like to use one Caspio account to host files for two separate organizations. Both organizations need password protection, but obviously I don't want them to be able to login to each other's accounts. How can I achieve this? Ideally I would like to set up two different Authentication Tables, but I suppose I can't do this. I don't think I can use Record Level Security since it can't be used in submission forms. I'm grateful for any suggestions. /Bjorn
  7. I would like to have a html field where I write "You are logged in as X" in a report - on the results page. I use the Authentication Table, and I know that I can filter depending on who is logged in. But this somewhat different. Actually, I want to acheve more than this - I want js-links on the results page to be different depending on which class of user that is logged in. But if I know how to write "You are logged in as X" on the results page, then I can solve the rest myself. I'd be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks! /Bjorn
  8. Thanks MayMusic, I made a silly mistake. I had http://www.yourdomain.com/index?cbResetParam=1 but should have used http://www.yourdomain.com/index&cbResetParam=1 I.e. I should have used & instead of ?. Thanks again for your help. It's really appreciated.
  9. I can't get this to work: http://howto.caspio.com/parameters/rese ... eters.html I do the following: 1. I have a link on page A to a reports datapage (page . In the link I pass a parameter in a query string, which is then used to filter the results on page B. 2. On page B I have a link taking me back to page A. 3. On page A I have a second link to page B, but where I don't want to pass a parameter, so I use ?cbResetParam=1. The problem is that the old parameter isn't cleared and the results on page B are again filtered. I have tried to have ?cbResetParam=1 also in the link in 2. - althoug
  10. One workaround, that unfortunately doesn't work very well, would be to create the tables Table 21 to Table 23 - all tables being identical to Table 2. Then I could create a view linking them in order to Item1ID, Item2ID, and Item3ID in Table 1, and effectively creating a 3-dimensional view. The problem with this solution is that when a name changes I need to change it in all tables. (In my real world case I would have 12 tables). This is messy. Is there a better solution? Thanks! Bjorn
  11. First of all: Thanks MayMusic. You always help me out - and with excellent advice too. I really appreciate it. Now, back to business. I'm short on Datapages, so I'll give you a few screenshots. Screenshot 1: This is the submission form where users report their sales. It's a dropdown where the ItemName is shown but where the ItemID is recorded. The submission writes to Table1 and Table 2 is a lookup table. Screenshot 2: These are the tables, and some views. In View 1, I have linked Table1_Item1ID with Table2_ItemID. I would like to link also Table1_Item2ID and Table1_Item3ID wi
  12. I have two tables designed as follows: Table 1: SalesDate Item1ID Item 2ID Item 3ID Table 2 ItemID ItemName People fill in Table 1 in a submission form. I know that it would be better to have them submit sales of each item separately, but for various reasons that's not an alternative. Now, I have a problem when I want to display the results. I can display the results in a dropdown that uses Table 2 as a lookup table. The problem is that then it will be editable - and I don't want that. If I only had one column for the items in Table 1, then I could use a view, but I'm not able to
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