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  1. I have a table with two columns: Sales_Date and Status I'd like to create a stacked bar chart showing the number of sales each month, and were the bar is divided into the different statuses. I have two problem: 1. Can I even create stacked bar charts? 2. Can I create multiple series from the one series status? I'd greatly appreciate any help Thanks /Bjorn
  2. I found a way around this: Create HTML fields and use JS to render the fields that you don't want to be editable. <script> document.write('[@field:Name]'); </script>
  3. I pull data from a view, merged from several tables, and make it possible for the users to update on the results page. But when the users click Modify, they are warned that the non-editable data in the view is required, and that "You did not enter valid information in one or more of the fields." Is there a way around this?
  4. Beautiful. Thank you so much!!!
  5. Just to report back how I did. It's probably not the most beautiful code, and may contain some redundancies, but maybe it can help somebody. After som experiementation I put this into an HTML block below the EarliestDate field. (Note that the variable names are a bit awkward. EarliestDate is both a javascript variable and a Caspio field.) I also added a section to present the date in Swedish date format, or, more accurately, Caspio support helped me with this. <script> var dates = [ new Date("[@calcfield:1]"), new Date("[@calcfield:2]"), new Date("[@calcfield:3]"), new Date("[@calc
  6. I have the reset button on the search page: <input type="reset" value="Reset" /> But if I first search for something and then returns to the search page through the "Search again" link, then the previous search criteria are saved, and if I press Reset, they will be restored. Can I change this so that also these entries are cleared when pressing Reset? Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. I'm using the style Blue Grey. After a modification alternate rows are given a background color when they are hovered. Both on the Search page, the Results page and on the Details page. I have no idea how I did this, and I'm trying to eliminate it. I think I have restored all setting to the original ones, but I can't get this phenomenon to go away. This is a really silly question, I know, but if anybody knows how to do it I would be really grateful. Thanks! Bjorn
  8. Ok, after having changed to a text field, it turned out that I simply missed the red part in the code below: document.getElementById("EditRecordEarliestDate").value = FirstDate; Thanks to MayMusic and the people at Caspio who helped me!
  9. I tried with a text field, but it didn't work out either. I'm not comfortable with leaving the URL here so I opened a support ticket instead. I'll report back what the solution is. Thanks for your help MayMusic!
  10. I still have a question regarding this. I don't get it to work. Having experimented a bit I realized that I'm doing something wrong with the field id. This is my code (in a HTML Block): <script> var FirstDate=new Date("[@calcfield:1]"); var SecondDate=new Date("[@calcfield:2]"); document.write(FirstDate); document.getElementById("EarliestDate").value = FirstDate; </script>Everything works as expected until the last line: I have EarliestDate as display only, but it shows up empty when I run the code, whereas FirstDate is nonempty.Obviously, I'm making some kind of silly mista
  11. Beautiful! Thank you so much for your help MayMusic!
  12. It was child's play to replicate this: http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/form- ... listboxes/ However, I would like to pass a parameter to the popup, and this is causing me much more problems. To be more specific I would like to open the popup from the details page of a report, and pass a parameter from the details page to the popup. The parameter is hidden, or display only, on the details page. I guess that I need some kind of javascript code, but I'm terrible with javascript. I would be really gratefull if somebody could help me out. Thanks! /Bjorn
  13. I have five dates and want to display the earliest in a calculated field. I though I could use the following: Min([@field:Date1],[@field:Date2])to pick one of two dates. It doesn't work. Any thoughts on how I should solve this?I'm very grateful for any suggestions. /Bjorn
  14. Thank you so much for your reply HongTaiLang! And also thanks for the link, it will help me tremendously! Have a nice week
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