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  1. When there are multiple records in the results page, there will be a navigation with message "Record 1 of X" in the details page. But if there is only one record in the results page, there will be no navigation. I wonder to know how to show the message "Record 1 of 1" in the details page.
  2. Is it possible after the end-user clicks the Submit button, I can dynamically redirect a user to a specific URL based on the checkboxes' value? For example: There are two checkboxes, "Search1" and "Search2". If "Search1" is checked, form submission goes to "www.gooogle.com". If "Search2" is checked, it goes to "yahoo.com". If neither is checked, it goes to "bings.com" If both are checked, it goes to "Home.com" .
  3. How to force a numeric keyboard? Is it possible? When user inputs to a number field, he/she would get the numeric keyboard on the iPhone browser. Thanks for any suggestion.
  4. Thank you so much. That helps me a lot. And I figured out the code to restrict number field. <script type="text/javascript"> function show_confirm() { //get the insert value var numberField= document.getElementById("InsertRecordNumberField").value; //compare the range, if the number field is between 1 to 100, then submit, otherwise an error message pops up if ( numberField >= 1 && numberField <= 100) { document.getElementById("caspioform").submit(); } else { alert("Wrong Data. Escape Submitted."); return false; } } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=show_confirm; </script>
  5. I have created a popup window that goes to a submission form. I want my original (parent page) to reload when the popup window is closed after submitting. I can't seem to get it to work, window.opener.location.reload(true); is not working. Any suggestion? Thanks
  6. I saw field can be positioned next to the previous field. But I want to make the next whole Section appear horizontally on the same line. Thanks
  7. How to make a page open at the bottom after loading? For example, I deployed the report DataPage at the bottom of my website. After searching, the page should stay at the same position at the bottom instead of loading the top.
  8. How to resize an iFrame based on the content being loaded in it? My Iframe code is like: <iframe width="100%" id="myFrame" src="URL.htm" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" "> Thanks
  9. Hi I want to timestamp two specific fields of a record. I have a calendar table that has a place for 2 files to be uploaded in the details page (one for client prep work, the other for post meeting notes). Is there any way to record a timestamp that instead of timestamping when the record was updated? How to timestamp when one specific field is updated? I have the following fields: File1 Update1 File2 Update2 Thanks
  10. Hi, I found the link how to select multiple values from a listbox in a WebForm, but how about the Update Form or Details page? Thanks
  11. How to calculate age and save it in the submission form? I have a Date/Time field which is "Birthday", and another Text field which is "Age" in my table. Thanks
  12. I am not able to find the "Receive parameter" option in the Advanced tag. Thank you for any suggestion.
  13. How can I add 10 days to the registration day?? Thank you.
  14. How to restrict a date which is only before today on a submission form? For example: Today is 10/01/2012, if the user select 10/02/2012 from the calendar and submit the record, submission will fail.
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