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  1. I've successfully followed the directions for making a mashup (version 7), but I can't seem to control where on my HTML page the map is displayed. If I put the map script below the deploy code (for the datapage), the map doesn't display at all. Right now I have a table -- the first row is a headline, the second row is the map script code, and the third row is the deploy code. But the page shows up with the map on top, then the headline below it. I searched the forums and can't find anything on this topic. You can see the page here: http://extra.twincities.com/car/homicide/index.html Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  2. Does something about the embed code automatically load a webpage so that it is centered on the Caspio element? I've got this page, http://extra.twincities.com/car/foreclosures/ where I have a Caspio app at the bottom and a Google Fusion map on the top. Every time the page loads, it centers the page on the Caspio app. Of course, I don't want that, since that's the bottom of the page. Is there some way to change this? thanks, MaryJo Webster
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