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  1. Thanks. Thought of a work around to make this work. Adding a new field to contain all names associated with event that will be populated along with the separate fields through the script below. Then I will be able to search for COMBINEDFIELDNAME as AND other fields at same time, but not display that field in results. document.getElementById('Submit').onmouseover = function(){ var name1 = document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual1').value; var name2 = document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual2').value; document.getElementById('InsertRecordCOMBINEDFIELDNAME').value = name1 + " " + name2; document.getElementById('InsertRecordUSER1FIELD').value = name1; document.getElementById('InsertRecordUSER2FIELD').value = name2; };
  2. Thanks! That worked, but the limitation of having to set it up as an "OR" choice limits the ability to have other criteria to limit the search. Any way to do an "OR" just within these 2 fields and have other fields connected to search with an AND ?
  3. I have a table where I am listing people associated with an event. When there are two people associated with the same event each name is entered into a separate field. Is there a way to create a data page to search if a certain person is listed in either of the fields?
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