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  1. Randy - Use "cbresetparam=1" to clear the previous value. So your link would be "...987ea?cbresetparam=1&State1=CO" That's what we do for all our pages that rely on various parameters. Paul
  2. I have several text fields that are checkboxes. A checked box = "Yes" posted to that field. I would like to have another field automatically post value "Yes" IF one or more of the other fields are checked. So IF fieldA or fieldB or fieldC = "Yes" (checked) THEN fieldD = "Yes" (checked) If fields A,B and C are all unchecked (blank), then fieldD is also unchecked (blank). NOTE: I will be using this in new submission forms as well as editing detail pages. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!!
  3. I am using IE9. After your post, I tested in FireFox, Chrome, and Safari and had success with each of those. So, there is apparently something in the code that IE does not like. The user base for this will be using IE exclusively, so a fix is definitely needed. Thanks for looking at it!
  4. Thanks MayMusic. I copied the page and swapped out the javascript in the footer as you suggested. The new page is available at http://b3.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=db0a1000f27fd200f88b481087ba but is still not working. My HTML block is: If Virtual1 = Yes, this div should display Is there something else I should try?
  5. Thanks for looking at this MayMusic. I put a simple test page together to demonstrate the use. http://b3.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=db0a10008a87dadc13c2476fbe52 This page is a form, but I would use it in forms as well as detail pages. I appreciate your help!
  6. I was able to show/hide a div based on the selection of a normal dropdown field using hints from this topic: http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/3466-using-parameters-to-dynamically-hide-sections/ It worked great, thanks. However, now I want to do the same thing, except the "Yes/No" value in the field that controls the show/hide is a virtual field in a cascading dropdown. If the virtual field is "yes", I want the section to display. If "no", it should remain hidden. I have tried various versions of the code shown on this topic (above), but not sure how to make it work. The cascading
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