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  1. Hi, I want account number and email address to auto-populate on my web form (data page) each time one of my customers goes there after logging into my site. So the steps would be 1) customer logs into my site, customer sees link to my form and clicks on it and 3) customer is taken to auto populated form. I setup a data page so that it passed parameters as described in the "how to" section. I put together a query string (also as per the "how to" instructions) in order to test the page and I was unable to get the form to auto populate. Can you help me trouble shoot my query string? I want to test the form before I hand it off to my developers to work with. Here is the sting I used to test: http://b4.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=786a ... 77b?email=[@email:iangel@whitecap.net]&acctno=[@acctno:12345678910]&hiddenemail=[@hiddenemail:iangel@whitecap.net] Thanks! Iliana
  2. Thanks! Does Caspio plan on tracking and making email metrics like these available in the near future? :idea: That would be really helpful Also, does Caspio integrate with Contstant Contact?
  3. Hi, Is it posisble to get open and click metrics for auto-emails? I have created a form that deploys an email when someone submits their info. I'd like to know if the emails are being opened and click on. Is there any way of getting this kind of reporting? Thanks!
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