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  1. Thank you very much - this seems like a very strange way to record the data though just so it can be plotted on a graph that other applications could do with ease. I dont really understand a line graph that only plots a series by record no a series for a record across fields. Anyway thanks for the work around. As the data is manually collected in the field I will transpose it regards David
  2. Hi I have data in the form Record Name, Temp 36hr Temp 60hr, Temp 96hr in a table Lotname Temp 36hr Temp 60 hr Temp 96 hr PRV160719 39.9 47.2 43.1 PRV170719 39.9 47.2 43.1 PRV180719 33.6 43.3 42.1 PRV190719 38.4 48.1 42.5 PRV220719 47.7 43 46.3 PRV230719 34.4 49.1 45.7 PRV250719 35.6 46.3 46.9 PRV260719 40.8 40.1 41.2 PRV310719 43 48.2 44.2 PRV010819 37 44.8 45.5 I want to have a line chart that plots each one of these lots temp on a line graph as per below I cant find a way to have the field name as the Category label on the x-axis and then plot the 3 temps for each lot. See my attached chart from google sheets.
  3. Hi I want to warn my user with a dialog box if they click close the browser before submitting their datapage. Ie- do you want to save your data? close dialog and hit submit or no close without submitting. Any help with a Java script or other method for this?
  4. I have set up a new user group for an external developer and have controlled the access to only datapages and views in one of my apps. I want to hide my other 5 apps from view when the dev user logs in. Ie I want the user group to only see the app they are working on? Can anyone help me with that?
  5. I have been using a mobile datapage with android devices running the barcode scanner keyboard app to search for records in relation to a barcode. The physical records now also have RFID/NFC chips in them so I could use the android NFC capabilities on my GS3 for instance to scan the RFID tag into the search field to find the information about the record. Does anyone know how to get NFC to write the RFID tage code into a field in a webform?
  6. I am building a report and want to create a virtual field which shows the result of subtracting one time/date field from another and then sums the times at the bottom. Ie this is for calculation the time taken to enter data for each record. Can anyone advise me on code for this?
  7. If you create a cascading drop down as a virtual field it will only display the value
  8. My users have just been given error messages. We cannot log back into caspio bridge. I see that Site 5 is down at the moment. Is that the problem. Account name is corpcatalog.
  9. I need to create a database to catalog archives. I have one table for the box No and barcode and another table for the document information records of whats in each box. I need to enter the Box number, then enter all the documents and once decided if the archive should be kept or destroyed, put in the barcode number for the storage company who will keep and retrieve the box. If I create a one - many relations ship I should be able to pass the box No into the Document table but then I need to go back to the Box table and put in the Barcode table at the end. I do not want to re-enter the box number for every document record. Could anybody tell me how I set that up? regards David
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