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  1. You can achieve this by creating a view as an authentication data source and filter the records based on "checked Yes/No field". Create an active field with yes/no data type in your table and then create a view based on this field, use Yes/No in filtering. Please refer to this link: http://howto.caspio.com/views/creating- ... table.html . So, when a user creates an account, yes/no check box is not available for them but an “Admin†may activate them.
  2. To insert an image in the auto emails, insert the following code in the message body of the automatic emails: <img src="PASTE IMAGE URL HERE"/> Also, make sure "Email Format" is HTML.
  3. Yes, you can customize the login screen. To achieve the same, please follow the steps: 1. Use Custom Authentication option in the authentication wizard as it lets you select which fields will be used for Authentication and how they are displayed. It also gives you access to other customization options. 2. Add an HTML block just after the username and password fields and insert the following code: <input type="submit" value="Login" alt="Login"/>3. Insert Header and footer to the configure screen code and add the following code: In Header : <div style="float:right;"> In Footer: </div>4. Modify the “style†of the DataPage, enable Show advanced options. On the Source tab, select “All†:a. Hide the default button by searching for .cbLoginButton class and adding the following code: Display:none;b. Change the style of the HTML block (.cbHTMLBlockContainer) in which your new button is contained. You can edit/remove border properties and padding accordingly. Eg: .cbHTMLBlockContainer {/*HTML Block Container Cell*/ text-align: left; vertical-align: top; padding: 2px; }c. And you can also edit in .cbFormTable class to remove borders and other properties accordingly. Eg: .cbFormTable {/*Form Table Attributes*/ border-collapse: collapse; width: 100%; margin: 10px; } Hope this helps!
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