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  1. Is it possible to create a cascading dropdown from an autocomplete entry? If not, why?
  2. I could work my way through this if I could ask the occasional simple question while I'm working on it. ............ But I've said that before. You only need to look at the dates of the two previous posts to get an idea of what I'm talking about.
  3. Ok great. Except for one thing or actually several. Chat never works unless it's during the 4 hours you work. Tech support takes days, especially over the weekend and your sites help section does a great job of telling us how to use the specific features in your ap and how to create a relationship with a drag and drop menu or create a view for filtering or joining tables or any number of other different things but does NOTHING to help us actually use them! 1.) Once I build a view, how the hell do I implement it? There are no examples that make any sense whatsoever unless I want to move int
  4. I pay $149 a month to be a member here and to make use of this product. So far, in the last 2 months I have gotten no where. I've deleted my entire project twice and started over. The support here is terrible. Well, I guess I can't really say that because I've never actually been able to work with anyone from Caspio on my project. During the day, my time is completely consumed. The only time I can make to work on my project is in the evenings, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning and the weekends. I would venture to say there are a lot of people like me with the same exact problem. S
  5. It seems I'm not the only one seeking multiple selection checkboxes on this site. It also seems like the reasons they don't exist are based on being able to charge a little more to the end user. Not sure if I like that. Having said that, I found some script in here to create multiple checkboxes for a search form. I tried to incorporate it but to no avail. I have a lookup_table with 29 selections. I would like to use checkboxes arranged neatly on the page via html (maybe 5 across, evenly spaced). I would like to draw the labels and content from the lookup_table allowing the user to make mul
  6. Ok, I've tried this all the ways I know how and it just doesn't work. One of the things I noticed is when you try and hide the dropdown box, the box disappears, the virtual1 folder is renamed to virtual 2 (then there is 2) and the entire thing just explodes. I am sure I'm doing something wrong. I am working with a view because I need to access 2 tables. I am having a lot of trouble understanding that concept and I can't seem to get any help (I can only work on my project in the evening and cannot avail myself of caspio's staff during the day.) I have two tables. the first table (dpmc_p
  7. One more question. I have a license plate field as well as a vin field, both with their own needs in the same datapage. I tried adding the script in twice but there appears to be some conflict as i can only get one to work. I even tried changing the function name to no avail. (v_plate to l_plate). What am I doing wrong? Do I need to merge them into one somehow?
  8. I told you I was a newbie. Changed it to 'InsertRecordlic_plate' and it works great. Thank you very much.
  9. I understand how I can use the cascading dropdown to auto populate fields based on the parent drop down. Here is my dilemma. I want to allow the user to use their assigned permit ID number to populate the remaining fields. (year make model and color of the car) if it exists in the permit database. I do not want to use a dropdown as I do not want to display a list of active permit numbers. How would I use a text field as the parent to populate the child boxes below? Also, how would I display an error message (maybe "This permit is not registered in the system. You must use a valid permit num
  10. Tried using it on my blackberry. displays page but does not create drop down menus. I know blackberry can view them as I have several other sites where the dropdown works fine.
  11. I recently created a copy of one of my datapages in the mobile format. I noticed 2 things You cannot use cascading dropdownsRegular dropdown boxes appear as a list of radio buttons on a wml page I already sa where cascading dropdowns weren't available yet in mobile but how do I solve the problem of the disappearing drop down box?
  12. Doesn't seem to work... I don't even get an error. Would the fact that I have the field set to autocomplete create an issue?
  13. Very nice. Thank you! I'll load it up and report any problems back here. Thanks again...
  14. I have one field I need to restrict to accept only alphanumeric characters. I don't want to allow any spaces or hyphens etc. I would also like to specify the exclusion of specific characters (like the letter Q). I found this and I think it meets my need but do not know how to apply it. I am going to be using it in two different situations. One is for license plate numbers. Only want to allow letters and numbers. The other is in VIN numbers where I want the same restrictions but also want to add specific character restrictions, no Q or O (that's an oh, not a zero) are found in VIN numbers.
  15. Expanding on that, how would someone use a lookup table with say, 30 choices, display them all and be able to select more than one at a time?
  16. What about incorporating an outside flash file upload application? I would also want to upload the actual files to my own server, not try and store them within the cloud.....
  17. How would I enable the ability for a user to select up to a predetermined amount of photos for upload instead of making them upload one file at a time?
  18. Ok, worked it out. Still have a few questions. I used a cascading list box. It has the annoying habit of creating a scroll bar. If there is more than one selection in 'Make', how can I create a dynamic box that will expand to however many choices the user has? Also, would like to set a static width so it matches the rest of the fields on the page.
  19. Ok, very new and extremely dense. Here's the game: I am creating a new vehicle entry datapage. On this page, I have ordered the vehicle information as such. Model, Make and year range. I am using a lookup table that contains three fields. (model, the associated make and the year range they built that model) Since I have always thought entering the make of a car, then searching the model was 2 steps to he-doublehockeysticks, I am trying to make the form auto populate the Make and the Year range from the lookup table by entering the model of the car (begins with). I would like to have the dr
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