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  1. Bahar, Thank you for your response. Perhaps I can explain this further.... The details page is the form that our agents will be using to conduct a 'survey' of sorts. On that page we have listed a question which requires a yes/no answer from our contacts. When constructing the detail page the question field does not contain an option to choose a yes/no radio button. It only gives me a checkbox field option. Therefore, our agents cannot fill in an answer to a yes/no question on the detail page form, because there are no yes/no radio buttons. Does that explain the problem? I know there has to be a solution, but I am completely stumped. If you or anyone would be willing to walk me through this, I would be forever grateful! Let me know, and perhaps we could have a phone conversation. I'm running out of time to get this up and running. Thank you!
  2. OK - perhaps I'm not being clear enough. My search page does have the radio buttons with Yes/No/Any options with the any as the default. My search form is great... The navigation of my datapages at the moment goes from search page to results page (and then click on the 'detail's link) to a details page. On the details page, I need to be able to check a yes/no box and I can't. Only one box shows up - without a yes/no/any label. I do not have the yes/no/any box on the results page, as I want all edits to be made from the details page. Shouldn't those boxes be editable? Any help is GREATLY appreciated. I am stumped...
  3. ok - I selected radio buttons for my yes/no questions on our search form. That works great and I understand that will allow us to search by that field. However, we will be using the details page to do our editing, and on that page I only see 1 checkbox per label. It doesn't give me the option to choose radio buttons on the details page, and I can't get yes/no checkboxes. I'm sure this is something simple, and I'm going to feel very foolish when I find out the answer, but at the moment I am stumped. Any help is greatly appreciated! :oops:
  4. Thanks so much for your response! The problem is that only 1 check box is visible, and therefore, only one label - either the yes, or the no, depending on which label I have put in the Display field. And this is true for my search form as well as my details form. Does that make sense? In other words, I don't see a 'yes' with a check box next to it, and a 'no' with a check box next to it. In the 'configure search fields, I have selected: Form Element: Radio Buttons Comparison type: Equal Field Options Placement: Multiple options per line Display: Yes Value: I left blank Thanks in advance!
  5. Can someone please help a newbie create a yes/no checkbox on a 'details' form? I have looked, but cannot find a tutorial that walks me through the steps. I created a field name on my table, Promo_Material, and have selected the yes/no data type. I selected the field Promo_Material on my 'details' form, and selected the checkbox as the form element. I have obviously missed something.... This will be an agent-entered field, and will be checked yes or no in response to a client wishing to receive promotional material. Any help would be appreciated.
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