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  1. Had the same problem, very frustrating. But datapages that size seem to run really slow for me, so the limit is probably for the best. Caspio should have tool that tells you how long it will take to load your datapage based on number of fields.
  2. Hi, I have created several search and report datapages used to keep track of patient information in the healthcare setting (e.g., one form is for patient contact information, another is for notes from each visit, etc.) . The patient information is edited on the details page. Several of these forms have numerous fields to which lots of data is entered by the healthcare provider. The problem is that the form users (the healthcare providers) are sometimes forgetting to "save" the form (i.e., click submit; I set destination page to same form so they can keep editing), they walk away or close the browser and all entries since the last submit are lost. I've come across script that will automatically submit the form at certain time intervals, but this option is not ideal as the form user will be interrupted (in this case for several seconds because of the form length). I'd like my forms to save the data like Google Contacts does (I'm referring to the Google Contacts accessed through Gmail accounts). In Google Contacts when I start entering a new contact, the form is automatically saving my entries with no interruption. Has anybody implemented this type of overhaul? Thanks.
  3. I would like to allow my users to draw on an image on the details page and have these edits saved on the image when the details page is updated. I understand this can be done with HTML 5. I've created a trial app for a live example. In this example I would like to draw on the body chart and have the edits saved when I click update. For this example use patient id "1": http://b6.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=ebcf ... 0844c19fc5 Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Thanks, but the problem is that the Datapage data source is a view. The view joins a customer notes table with a customer registration table. The customer notes table is the editable table. The customer ID is on the customer registration table. Therefore when I include the customer ID in my details page, my only choice is "Display Only", "hidden" is not a choice.
  5. I see how to reset all parameters, cbResetParam=1, but how do you reset only a specific parameter?
  6. I have a search and report datapage. The user can edit fields from the details page. When the user updates the record (clicks submit) I would like to reset parameters and at the same time pass the customer ID parameter. In the Datapage Wizard Destination Options I have destination after record update to go to new page. For the page URL I have inserted: https://b2.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=......... &cbResetParam=1&cbCustomer_Id=[@field:Customer_Id] This results in the parameters being reset but does not pass the Customer_ID parameter. As a side note I am able to reset parameters and pass the Customer ID field if I just have a link in the datapage, e.g., View All Customer Notes Why doesn't this work when I use it as a destination page URL after record update? One final side note is that I can achieve my desired result if I do the following: 1. Include the Customer_Id field in the details page 2. insert the following as the destination page URL : https://b2.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=... ... ........... &cbResetParam=1&Customer_Id=[@EditRecordCustomer_Id] This will reset the parameters and pass the Customer ID field. the problem with this method is that the Customer ID value is displayed on the details page and I don't want this. Thanks in advance for the help.
  7. Thanks. Unfortunately it doesn't look like page breaks within a table is possible in Chrome. As the Caspio form seems to be one long table I don't see a way around it.
  8. I have a details page that covers 2-3 pages depending on the size of the virtual fields that receive data from another form. Unfortunately the users often have to print these pages. When printed, the text boxes, areas, data, etc., whatever falls on the page break, are cut in two, making the forms very hard to read and unsightly. My users use Google Chrome as this in the only browser that seems to do a somewhat decent job of printing by default. My Question: how do I insert a page break in a Caspio details page so everything after the break appears on the next page(s) when printed. I've tried inserting (into an HTML Block): ; but this is not a full break, it only pushes the content below this break about 1/2 a page down (i.e. creates a space of about 1/2 a page). I tried the css approach, by inserting "page-break-before:always;" into the CSS style for the headings after which I wanted break. Again I only get about a 1/2 page push or space creation. I'd appreciate any alternative ideas. I understand that breaking across tables can be difficult. I read a suggestion to break the table, but this doesn't seem feasible with a Caspio form. Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm creating patient forms for a doctor's office -- patient registration form, initial evaluation form and progress forms for each patient visit. The patient registration form creates a unique ID for the patient and the rest of forms use this unique ID. After the initial submission to these forms the records/forms often must be updated. My question is -- do I have to use 2 datapages if I want to have a record that the user creates then is able to edit? Right now I have a datapage that creates the record, e.g., the initial evaluation submission datapage receives the unique id parameter from the patient reg form and creates a record in the initial evaluation table for the patient. Then if user needs to edit this record they go to another datapage, a search and report, search for the record then edit from details page. This seems the only way, but I'd rather not use 2 datapages for every single form so I just want to throw this out there to make sure I wasn't missing something simple. Thanks in advance for the help.
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