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  1. Shengnandu - Thanks, that helps me understand what's going on. Would the concatenation be done with javascript, or is there a way to do it within the Caspio functions?
  2. Is there a way to create views that do either of the following. I think I need to do these in a view, not a report, because I want these criteria pre-selected, and the report to allow users to select only their own date range. 1) I want to filter our records to include people who live in one of 6 - 10 specified states. Can you designate multiple criteria for a single field using "OR" logic? 2) I want to filter a table on 2 fields, showing records that have the specified values in either field, but not necessarily both. It looks as if the view filter defaults to "AND" logic. Is there a way to filter a view with "OR" on different fields? Thanks for any information or suggestions how to handle this.
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