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  1. In your deployment page, add this code in the position where you want the map displayed: Regards, Jayshree
  2. Thanks for the reply. While this solution will work for viewing the latest record for one facility, I want to view the latest measurement information for all the facilities that qualify based on a search criteria.
  3. I have a table with measurement information for various facilities. Each measurement has a measurement date. Facility name is the search criteria for a report. When a user chooses a particular facility, I want the report to display the latest measurement (based on the measurement date). Currently it displays all the measurement information. However, the requirement is to see only the latest information. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks !
  4. I have component details table per facility eg: Fac 1, Meter,... Fac 1, Pump,... Fac 1, Meter,... Fac 2, Meter,... etc. I would like to get this information in a report as follows : Facility Name, Meter Count, Pump Count Fac 1,2,1 Fac 2,1,0 When I use the aggregate function I get this information in different rows, however I need the report to show it in different columns. Any help would be great.
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